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Good pizza in Glendale/Montrose/La Crescenta?

The previous owners of our house recommended Two Guys From Italy. It's fine, but are there any really good pizza places nearby? Delivery preferred but I'll happily pick it up if it's worth my while.

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  1. Probably for that general area you should try Brownstone Pizza in Eagle Rock http://www.chow.com/places/15725 and if Fratelli's still there http://www.fratellispizza.net/ in Montrose they do a pretty good pie.

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      2nd both these recs but I believe Brownstone to be the better of the two

    2. There's a strange little place in Kenneth Village, between Glendale and Burbank, that has great pizza. George's Cucina I think it's called. The service though, and most of the rest of their menu, isn't very good.
      You might try Divina Cucina up on Verdugo in Montrose, or Cafe Sole on Verdugo in La Canada. Star Cafe in downtown Montrose also has pretty good pizza. Be sure to report back on your findings!

      Georges Cucina Italiana
      1418 W Kenneth Rd, Glendale, CA 91201

      Divina Cucina
      3730 Verdugo Rd, Montrose, CA 91020

      Star Cafe
      2217 Honolulu Ave, Montrose, CA 91020

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        I can't recommend Divina's pizza (though I love their food). I would suggest Pizza Cucina up on Foothill in La Canada Snootyridge and also second the recommendation for Northend down in Burbank for what they call "Boston-style".

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          Unfortunately Pizza Cucina has undergone a change of ownership and while the menu remains exactly the same, the quality of the pies and calzones has slipped dramatically. The sauce is bland, the pizza dough is tough and way too chewy, and the ingredients, particularly the sausage, lack zest.
          As a local and former regular customer, I find this development disastrous.

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          I have George's pizza delivered often. It is very good: fresh, homemade neighborhood pizza.

          1. re: Tom P

            And their meatball and sausage sandwiches are to die for.

        3. I'm originally from NY, living in Glendale 25 years. The best thin crust pizza in the area is North End Pizza in Burbank. Worth the 15 minute drive. Eat it there.
          212 E Orange Grove Ave (north of San Fernando)
          (818) 557-8325

          1. Casa Bianca is in Eagle Rock right down the street from Glendale. http://casabiancapizza.com/ IMHO -- The best of all mentioned. I found North End pizza bland. Two Guys is very average.

            1. When we used to live in the La Crescenta/Montrose area, the Slaughterhouse Five pizza at Numero Uno in Glendale was always worth the drive.

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                Oh, brings back memories. I loved the Numero Uno Slaughterhouse Five, too. Used to go there a lot in the late 70s and early 80s on Brand Blvd. There was always a wait on weekends.

              2. Double Deal Pizza in Sunland/Tunga, Order it any way you want. Also Calzones and salads. 951 3241.

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                  Brownstone pizza, well done.

                  Dominicks in La Canada used to be good but our last pizza from them was not so great.

                  Ohhhh I miss the pizza place on verdugo that is now run by Two guys. The owner/chef was from new york and his pizzas were EXCELLENT. But, he retired and sold the location. Sigh.

                  I have not tried the North end pizza place in Burbank and will.

                2. I don't know if this is too far out of your area but the Domenico's in Pasadena. The Old Town closed but the 3 other locations are still open. Very good pizza . . .

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                    My last 3 tries at Domenicos were awful. I will be hard pressed to try again and I'm within a mile of the one on Washington Blvd. Either underdone and soggy or the dough smelled yeasty. I would definitely not consider them a destination pizza joint. If Pasadena is where you land go to Tarrantinos on Green Street. I still have a soft spot for Casa Bianca in Eagle Rock though. There is a lot of dissension and some great previous threads about it. Get their sausage and whatever else pizza and make sure it is well done. They don't take reservations for small parties so make sure you get there when they open unless you like the scene. BTW, Tarrantinos is small and doesn't take reservations.

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                      To be honest, I also got soggypizza from Domenico's. That could be from the box and drive. There Old Town location was great. On the other hand, I am greatly suspicious if you are using Casa Bianca as a yardstick. I literally compared the two night after night consecutively. The Casa Bianca pizza was unedible.

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                        Don't judge my palate by the fact that I like Casa Bianca. The poster wanted to know about pizza in the SGV. Now, if I said that Casa Bianca beats Regina Pizza in the North End of Boston... And the Domenicos pizza wasn't just soggy, it was under cooked and gooey. That being said, I still patronize Domenicos for things like ravioli which I got last night as I've been without a kitchen since March but it will be a long time before I volunteer to get pizza there unless under duress.

                  2. Considering that we're occasionally driving back to Silver Lake to get a Nicky D's fix, Burbank and Pasadena are not too far. Thanks, all, for the suggestions. We look forward to eating our way through them, one Friday at a time.

                    1. There's a new place that just opened in the strip mall in front of Glendale College called Rico's Pizzeria. While not a fantaastic pizza, it certainly hits the spot if you need something that is a marked upgrade from your typical chain delivery places.

                      Johnnie's (another chain that I haven't tried but may hold some promise) is opening up on Brand Blvd in the food/business court just south of California Ave.


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                        Oh! I recall having Johnnies on the westside and liking it very much. I did not know it was coming here - great!

                      2. Pizza snob here and i just ate Folliero's in Highland Park for the first time last night. it was awesome!!! Two of us finished a large pie and stuffed ourselves b/c it was so yummy.

                        1. Ok, I know I will be called crazy. But there is a kiosk at the Americana in Glendale. I think it's called Charlie Palmer's. They have pizza by the slice and we just found out they deliver. It is REALLY good. Very thin crust, big slices, NY style. Yes, it's from a kiosk in a mall, but it's REALLY good. Give it a try before you knock me!

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                            Actually it is called Richie Palmer's -- he is one of the owners of Mulberry Street NY pizza in Beverly HIlls and Encino. I have enjoyed Mulberry Street for many years as it is one of the better NY pizza's in LA -- finally some good pizza in downtown Glendale.

                            1. re: chowchi1

                              Mulberry Street NY pizza is excellent. I have eaten at the Beverly Hills joint many times. If this is the same pizza, I will recommend it without having visited it.

                          2. Divina Cucina and Star Cafe in Montrose are both really good. I just tried Dominick's in La Crescenta recently, and it was very good. You have to ask for thin crust, though. My son really digs the pizza at Far Niente (in Glendale), too.

                            1. Just had a great pie (sausage, mushroom, fresh basil) from a little joint on Honolulu in Montrose called Da Franco. The best I've had in the area!

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                              1. Fratelli's Pizza and Deli in Montrose right off of Verdugo is delicious. DELICIOUS.

                                Fratelli's Pizza & Deli
                                2064 Verdugo Blvd, Montrose, CA 91020