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Sep 18, 2009 11:53 AM

Group dinner for 20 in Cambridge/Boston

I'm trying to find a restaurant for a small rehearsal dinner (20 people, $40-$50 pp before drinks, taxes and tip).

Since 3/4 of the attendees are from out of town, we had initially thought someplace Boston-y like the Union Oyster House, but then we actually ate there.

I'd like to find someplace that focuses on local ingredients and thoughtful preparation (but not necessarily regional/Yankee style cuisine), in either Cambridge or downtown Boston, and that has private or semi-private space for 20 on a Friday night. I don't care how casual or fancy the place is as long as the food is good.

I keep having flashbacks to UOH's cold, rubbery scrod. Please talk me down from the ledge!

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  1. our favs for gatherings such as yours are EVOO and Gargoyle's ;both somville but close to harv and porter sq.Wonderful seasonal food w/ local emphasis; friendly welcoming accomodating atmosphere and staff.

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      Thanks for the recommendations, opinionatedchef - I've heard great things about EVOO, and their menu right now looks delish. Can I ask you how you found having a group dinner in their main dining room - are you right in the middle of everything?

    2. I actually recommend Henrietta's table-- I just had a 20 people gathering in their private dining room and it went very well! The special events coordinator is great, their choices are very New Englandy, and they accomodate for special diets without hesitation. The food is very good and presented like real local food, without silly sculptural gimmicks (which bothered me a little bit at EVOO). Decent wine selection too.

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        I was going to suggest this too, and if it's Mon-Thurs., you can get two courses for $25.

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          Thanks for the suggestions :) We spoke to both EVOO and Henrietta's Table, but the food and beverage minimum for Henrietta's was pretty steep for us. We ended up booking at EVOO and can't wait!