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Sep 18, 2009 11:01 AM

going to sequoia tonight, taking recs?

i know this is not a big chowhound spot, but i'm going with friends for a group dinner and would like something edible. does anyone have suggestions on what to get/ what to avoid?

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  1. Avoid the crab legs (mealy and obviously frozen), but the oysters I had were decent. Fiance had crab cakes that while not awful and/or rancid, were just pretty blah. The one dish I had there that I recall very fondly is their panzanella salad. Lots of hunks of roasted chicken, big croutons and fresh tomatoes well-dressed in the oil vinaigrette. I thought it was a great dish.

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      thanks mj! I'll definitely move that to the top of the list :) this place looks pretty pricey for being such a not-too-well-reputed spot.

      1. hahaha, sorry doc, wasn't my call. i got the panzanella salad and i was pleasantly surprised after all the negative things I've heard regarding this particular establishment — the bread was nice and toasty and not soggy at all, chicken was good, dressing was well-balanced...wasn't the best panzanella i've ever had but was definitely far from the worst. The only thing about it was that it was HUGE. I mean, enormous, everybody at the table was just in shock at how big it was. But my food was by far the best. So thanks MJ! I totally owe you one :-)

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          Just a note, panzanella is supposed to have soggy bread. Crispy bread Panzanella is an American/International cooking tradition

        2. This reply is coming too late to be helpful, but I would have advised that you feign illness.