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Sep 18, 2009 10:29 AM

Viana La Place

I have a cookbook - "Pasta Fresca" by Evan Kleinman & Viana La Place & one entitled "Panini," also by Viana La Place (written in 1994). I wonder whether anyone knows if she has written anything recently. Her recipes are wonderful.

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  1. If you go to Amazon, you can see a list of her books for sale. Her most recent is "VERDURA: Vegetables Italian Style (May 2008).

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      I love her vegetable book, but that was many years ago. I can't get to it to check the date. I wonder if she revised it and therefore it has a 2008 date?

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        I'll let you know if I find anything

    2. Look for her book La Bella Cucina (Clarkson Potter 2001). It is one of my favorites.

      1. Evan Kleinman has a radio show on Saturdays on LA public Radio. I subscribe and listen on my I pod.

        Go to KCRW and look at the their pod casts.

        1. She has another one, called Unplugged or Unplugged Kitchen - I can't remember which - that is nice.

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            It's called Unplugged Kitchen. I used to use it a lot, but mostly it's inspiration for a way to think about food. There are a few extraordinary recipes in it (the semolina bread is one I've made over and over), and some which you might have been able to think up yourself. She can be a bit militant about not using electric appliances---to wit, I recently made pesto in a food processor and found it every bit as good, and far less tiring, than her mortar-and-pestle version. Her other book with Evan Kleiman, "Cucina Fresca" is really excellent, especially for buffet parties where you want to make things in advance and serve at room temperature.