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Viana La Place

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I have a cookbook - "Pasta Fresca" by Evan Kleinman & Viana La Place & one entitled "Panini," also by Viana La Place (written in 1994). I wonder whether anyone knows if she has written anything recently. Her recipes are wonderful.

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  1. If you go to Amazon, you can see a list of her books for sale. Her most recent is "VERDURA: Vegetables Italian Style (May 2008).


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      I love her vegetable book, but that was many years ago. I can't get to it to check the date. I wonder if she revised it and therefore it has a 2008 date?

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        I'll let you know if I find anything

    2. Look for her book La Bella Cucina (Clarkson Potter 2001). It is one of my favorites.

      1. Evan Kleinman has a radio show on Saturdays on LA public Radio. I subscribe and listen on my I pod.

        Go to KCRW and look at the their pod casts.

        1. She has another one, called Unplugged or Unplugged Kitchen - I can't remember which - that is nice.

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            It's called Unplugged Kitchen. I used to use it a lot, but mostly it's inspiration for a way to think about food. There are a few extraordinary recipes in it (the semolina bread is one I've made over and over), and some which you might have been able to think up yourself. She can be a bit militant about not using electric appliances---to wit, I recently made pesto in a food processor and found it every bit as good, and far less tiring, than her mortar-and-pestle version. Her other book with Evan Kleiman, "Cucina Fresca" is really excellent, especially for buffet parties where you want to make things in advance and serve at room temperature.

          2. A few of her recipes are available online.