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Highway 61

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We're going to Highway 61 tonight because my dad wants to go. Any recommendations? Warnings? We do love BBQ and have enjoyed it in many southern states, so we want to know what to expect.

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  1. The onion rings are really good and, er, that's about it.

      1. Expect nothing like you enjoyed in the south.

        1. The beer list was good.

          1. Recommendation: don't go. It's bloody awful. Period.

            Warning: it will be that much worse because you have experienced true BBQ.

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              I COULDNT AGREE MORE.

              Highway 61on Bayview is a dump that has horrible food. The overall quality of their food is simply very bad. Mix that is with the horrible service, and you have yourself a horrible experience.

              They asked me to contact them after a bad review I wrote on another site. I called them twice and they never got back to me.

              I'm happy they didnt. If you want flavourless meat with broken bones and zero juicyness....go to Highway 61. A very bad eatery, with no attention to detail or customer complaints. I'm kinda tired of the fake "this is the best bbq in Canada" reviews too. These owners are clueless in so many ways.

            2. Thanks for the warnings. Thanks also for the link to the previous thread. I did do a search first and for some reason missed that thread. I think I'll eat some food before we go.

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                Stick to the sides. For the BBQ it's what you had down south with half the flavour, five times the fat, at more than twice the price. If you point out that your pulled pork is made up of huge globs of fat with very little meat they'll try to tell you "that's just how BBQ is...". The assume the Toronto market doesn't know any better.

              2. The Shepherd's Pie is okay...and the onion rings are fine. But the actual BBQ isn't that good.