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Sep 18, 2009 10:01 AM

Where can I find Pandan leaves (fresh, frozen, dried...) in L.A.?

Hey y'all:

Any 411 on where to find pandan leaves in Los Angeles? I just need some to season some rice which is why I'm not super picky about whatever form they may take. Bonus points for mid-city area.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. if you're close by hollywood/thaitown there a couple groceries there..silom and bangluck. silverlake area...A1 grocery on sunset

    1. I buy fresh ones from SG Supermarket in San Gabriel. I cut them 4 inch pieces and freeze them in freezer ziploc bags. Just add them to your rice or other dish still frozen. I scrunch them up a little to release the flavor.

      1. for those in the valley,
        i'd bet that vinh loi tofu would be willing to sell some. . .

          1. Thank you all, Bangkok Market on Melrose ended up being the source. I got the frozen leaves and a little bottle of extract for when I'm in a pandan pinch!