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Sep 18, 2009 09:57 AM

Best BBQ in Hudson Valley

Hey everyone:
So what's the best barbecue in the lower Hudson Valley?
We driving to Westchester and New Paltz to organize a wedding tomorrow. We'd like a catered BBQ event, and we hope to try a restaurant this weekend to get a taste.

Chowhounders, what's your favorite place?


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  1. Well I can tell you one place that it's NOT, I went to Q not long ago in Mt. Kisco and the ribs were practically raw. They were really bad, it's to bad because I had gone to Q in Portchester about 2 years ago and the ribs were not bad (not great, but good). Westchester magazine crowned Memphis Maes in Croton on Hudson as having the best ribs (914-271-0125), I suppose they could be the best seeing that Westchester doesn't have alot to offer with rib places, I've had their ribs,they're good but I've had better. The best pork honor went to Bob-B-Q's in Shrub Oak (914-214-8239), I've never had their ribs so I can't comment. There is also a place in Mahopac that I've heard has good ribs, can't think of the name of it but maybe if you google rib place in Mahopac you will get some results. Or maybe someone on the boards will know the name of the place. If I find it I'll post back later. good luck

    1. Per my earlier posting, and those of several others, I think Hickory has the best Barbecue in the area. I can also attest having been - and posted - about a wedding I attended that they catered - they did a great job and everyone raved about the food. They provided staff, bar the works. I don't believe Max's -who also has pretty good cue- does that stuff but I could be wrong.

      1. There's also Holy Smoke BBQ in Mahopac. Westchester Magazine did not cover them because they're just over the border in Putnam.

        1. I like Max's, but as other poster said- Don't know if they do weddings. Great for the meal though!

          1. While not a restaurant they had a loyal chow following when they did roadside bbq. A great comprehensive website

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                I love, love, love, Big W, but wasn't sure if he would or could cater a wedding.