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Sep 18, 2009 09:48 AM

Kings Seafood in Calabasas

I have been invited to lunch at King's and was wondering what is good to order. Thanks!

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  1. is this the same as King's Fish house? If it's still in season, the wild salmon is actually pretty good. Not sure if you like salmon, tho. The cedar plank preparation is really quite nice, with a dry rub that's slightly spicy. Don't be shy about substituting sides - they freely let you do that.

    1. oysters are usually pretty good
      most grilled or sauteed fish dishes are not bad, though I'm not a fan of tartar sauce and they seem to serve it (thankfully, on the side) with most fish dishes
      fish tacos are harmless but don't expect baja style goodness
      jambalaya is not good
      definitely stay away from the sushi... I've had better supermarket sushi

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        I've always liked their New Orleans BBQ shrimp!

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          Yes, that's right King's Fish house! Thanks for all the great info, leaving at noon, would love any other recommendations.

      2. I agree with kotatsu, the salmon is excellent. I enjoy the scallops and the clam chowder is really good.

        1. They have great oysters and the crab louie salad is very good.

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            Thanks everyone! Ended up getting 2 dozen oysters, spicy fish chowder, salmon with mac and cheese and BBQ shrimp! Everything was great but not crazy about the mac and cheese. Even got the recipe for the BBQ Shrimp and a spice rub that I'm going to make now.