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Sep 18, 2009 09:30 AM

Gladstones revamp?

i read a little note about Gladstones hiring some guy to revamp the restuarant......does anyone know abou this? hoping its a re-vamp of the kitchen! i want to love gladstones (mostly due to the location) but i cant justify the food with those prices.
hoping for info on this so called re-vamp....
anyone been there recently and seen any changes?


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  1. It's not a revamp. Sam Nazarian of SBE (XIV, The Bazaar, Katsuya, etc.) is "taking over the management," which I assume is code for having bought a partial stake as opposed to the whole place. Given the M.O. of all his other properties, I would expect a pretty major overhaul. Though I don't imagine we'll see the new version for at least 6 months. Probably closer to a year.

    1. Does it really matter?

      You give Medusa a hair cut and she's still going to be an ugly bitch.

      Gladstone's is always going to be about Malibu and the ocean view. Nothing more, nothing less.

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        well i hope they do something about the food too....i can always hope right?? haha

        1. re: ipsedixit

          Hey, Ipse, there are tons of folks who wait long periods to get into noisy, crowded places in town to partake of mediocre food because it's "hip" to be there. Gladstones appeals more to those who like sunshine and a sea breeze. Don't care about a scene or if they're seen.

          You see reviews or inquiries on restos that are in spaces previously occupied by other restos, that took the space over from even others, all of which closed for one reason or another. Gladstones has endured, so they must be doing something right, even if it's not necessarily in the kitchen.

          1. re: Akitist

            I don't think we are disagreeing.

            I'm not slamming Gladstone's for being a financial success. I'm just saying a revamp by the SBE group -- who are very financially savvy -- will not alter the quiddity of the place. Which, by all respects, is a place to see (the ocean view) or be seen (for the TMZ crowd).

            In fact, I think it's ingenious what Gladsone's has done. It has maximized it's natural advantages (e.g. location) and leveraged that into making the customer may a premium for what can arguably only be considered grub fit for the San Quentin lunch time crowd.

            1. re: ipsedixit

              Oh, and once SBE is done with the place, the valet parking will prolly go up to $20 per car. BUT oh, there's the added privilege of walking through the paparazzi gauntlet...

              1. re: ipsedixit

                We ate at the Malibu location once, needed lunch and were stuck in the area for a couple of hours. It was quite a while ago, but the food wasn't bad at that time. More recently (5 years ago?) we hit the Universal City Walk one, which was below mediocre and lacked the seaside charms of the original, and seems to be mercifully defunct. Made vande Kamp's fish sticks seem gourmet in comparison. I assume the 'Bu place has the same menu now.

            2. re: ipsedixit

              didn't richard riorden have an ownership stake?
              if that is still the case, i wouldn't expect much in the way of food improvement.

            3. I went there for the first time about 3 weeks ago, and our waitress said they're opening a location in Vegas and "many changes are in the works."

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              1. re: katydid13

                A touristy, hyped-up restaurant with low-to-mediocre-quality food opening up a branch in Vegas? Talk about coals to Newcastle...

              2. I dined at Gladstone's about a month ago. My party was the personal guests of former Mayor Riordan, who is either owner or co-owner of the place. Riordan even came by and sat with us for a time.

                The food was terrible and I was amazed. The clam chowder was full of clumps of flour. The lobster was caked with stale butter. There were shrimp that were utterly tasteless.

                I was amazed. If it's this bad when you're guests of an owner, what's it like when you're a stranger?

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                1. re: Hackenbush

                  "I was amazed. If it's this bad when you're guests of an owner, what's it like when you're a stranger?"

                  You still get to have the bad food but you don't have to sit with some jackass who used to be Mayor.

                2. Early Bob Morris days it was successful and consistently the highest grossing restaurant in Southern California and consistently in the top 5 in the US.
                  Spent a week there with another restaurant group taking notes and observing the phenom. The location and physical structure are perfect and a gold mine for anyone who runs it. Main problem we saw was they were so busy and the kitchen was so small and inefficient they couldn't do anything but throw food on plates to keep up. The menu was complex back then, but they were so busy they couldn't deliver. It became a mess back then and never surprised me they never got beyond those early years of success.
                  Think they eventually realized they didn't have to serve good quality food.
                  I wouldn't expect anything could ever make that place chow worthy.