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Sep 18, 2009 09:24 AM

Restaurants in Santa Fe and ABQ with house-made flour tortillas?

Not only do I love freshly made flour tortillas in general; this seems to be an all-but-sure sign a restaurant is going to be great. Does anyone have any recs in Albuquerque or Santa Fe?

Places I already know and love:

* Frontier - very good, although I find them to go stale quickly.

* Taco Cabana - quite possibly my favorites. The recipe is clearly different than what the chain uses outside of New Mexico, with a deeper flavor and a less gummy texture. Their breakfast tacos are some of my favorite anywhere.

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    1. Bumblebees on Central at Nob Hill often has someone making tortillas in the front window. Los Potrillos (I think it's called) on Cerillos near Seiler in SF may make their own. Our favorite tortillas are the green chili ones from Whole Foods.

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        Funny, Los Potrillos was the very first restaurant we tried when we moved to Santa Fe, but I didn't get a dish with tortillas. Will definitely try it again.

        There are now two two Bumblebees in Santa Fe too, one in town and one down Cerrillos a ways. I'd forgotten they made their tortillas fresh -- do they make the flour fresh, or just the corn? Unfortunately, I wasn't so sweet on the rest of their semi-healthy Mexican playbook, which struck me as rather bland. That said, I could easily have just ordered a little poorly; perhaps it's time for a second trip.

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          I know Bumblebee and next time I see him I'll ask him about the flour tortillas. The second BB's has been there for some time. About the only thing I really like there are the fish tacos.

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            I read an interview with the chef at BumbleBees in Local Flavor and she says they make their own wheat tortillas and get their corn tortillas from Alicia's Tortilleria on Rufina Circle in SF.

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              We tried Los Potrillos for lunch last week. We didn't have anything with tortillas but the food was only average.

          2. Duran's Central Pharmacy in downtown ABQ. Their tortillas meet my "must have" qualifications - the "I'm not a huge fan of X, but I couldn't stop eating X at this place!!!"

            (Maybe that concept needs its own thread!) :-)

            1. Garcia's in ABQ has great house made flour tortillas...I usually go to the one on Central Ave. but they have other locations. You can buy them bagged at the counter (along with their INCREDIBLE bizcochitos).

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                I agree with Garcia's bizcochitos but their tortillas meh. I thought they bought them, sure don't taste homemade.