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Sep 18, 2009 09:18 AM


I have noticed the West Bend Lustre Craft and Saladmaster oil core skillets and a few other name brands recently. They have a hugh price tag on them. I need a lot of input as to why these are popular or are they just another type of skillet some people try and then discard. There are a lot of used ones available!! Which is considered the best of all oil core electric skillets? I know some are received when you buy cookware such as waterless cookware sets. Usually you have to deal with a dealer to even receive one or buy one unless you check ebay and other locations. What are the advantages of these skillets? I have an older model electric skillet which is aluminum and a stainless Faberware that is many years old. I am possibly??? going to replace them. All Clad does not have a good electric skillet at this time so that is not a great idea. Cuisinart does not have a really great electric skillet either--therefore I really am interested in the oil core skillets and any feedback that might discourage OR encourage me to purchase one. I am also interested in how they benefit all different types of recipes. Or do they really?

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