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Sep 18, 2009 09:14 AM

Has anyone tried the new Loring Kitchen in the Eitel? (msp)

Was thinking about trying it out for dinner this evening and wanted to see if anyone has had a chance to eat there yet and get their thoughts. The entress kind of look pricey, so would love some opinions.

Here's their Web site:

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  1. I haven't been yet but there have been some positive reports from

    1. Just wanted to provide a quick update. Decided to go there last Friday evening and I will have to say I was completely disappointed. The place is beautiful and we sat on the patio - great ambiance. But besides that, I will never go there again, nor would I recommend the restaurant. My martini was awful (I always order a vodka martini straight -up, with Ketel One) tasted like sanitizer (the martini was re-made, but still had a hint of sanitizer smell).

      We ordered the beef short rib appetizer, which was OK, but the portion of meat was meager for the $8 charge and came out slightly tepid.

      I had the walleye, which was actually done quite well (the tartar sauce was also quite good), but the potatoes that accompanied the dish, tasted like the it came out of a box.

      My boyfriend had the shrimp casserole (which was recommended to us) and it was extremely heavy on the cream with small, salad-like shrimp.

      We then ordered the strawberry cake and it definitely came out of the box. To our server's credit, he did remove it from our check. However, our bill still came to $110 with three drinks, our entrees and our appetizer. Maybe it's still working out the growing pains, but when it's so closely situated to Lurcat (which I think always has consistently good food), I don't know how it's going to survive there.

      Just my two cents.

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        I was going to wait until someone else posted to see if my experience was similar....and unfortunately it was (visited the same night, last Friday). I agree that the space is beautiful, both inside and out. The patio apparently fills up quickly, as we were forced to sit inside.

        We both started with a wedge salad....okay, nothing special. Probably should have split an appetizer and a salad, although the previous review might tell me otherwise.

        My wife had the walleye, I enjoyed it. The cracker crust was prepared very well. A little heavier than I typically like, but all in all a very good piece of fish. I didn't try any of the sides so I can't comment on those.

        I took a quick look around the dining room and a number of people had a particular dish, so I decided to go with it. It was the "Buckhorn-Chicken-in-the-Rough". Cast iron fried chicken, fries, cole slaw and served with honey. Not something I would normally try on the first visit to a new restaurant, but that's not to say I don't enjoy good fried chicken and slaw. The chicken was fine, but nothing I would rush back in for. The slaw was tasty, but it was served in a dish that wasn't much bigger than a thimble. The fries were quite good. The honey gave the dish a chicken and waffle was all just a little odd.

        Our bill with tip came to just shy of $90, seemed a little much. There are a number of places I would hit up within this price range before giving this place another shot. All this being said, I do think this could end up being a happy hour hot spot, so long as they continue to refine the small plate offerings (there were a few more than the 4 on the menu). The patio is fabulous.

      2. Wife and I walked over for an early dinner last night (Saturday, 5pm). Without a reservation, we were seated in the bar area (despite a lot of room in the main dining area. Service was eager to please. Wife's walleye was very good, as was my lemon chicken - very tasty, large 1/2 bird and huge serving of sweet potato fries (excellent). Her salad was fine. I chose to start with scallops from the bar menu. Uh, I should have written scallop, singular. One plus a couple of slices of beets for 8 dollars. Bread serving was also kind of meager. Mixed experience, but we would return for the mains and hope they improve portion sizes on the starters - and we'd also ask for the main dining room (by the time we left, there were still plenty of unused tables).