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Sep 18, 2009 09:05 AM

Sushi near Yorkdale?

Is there any decent sushi near Yorkdale?

I don't necessarily mean super-authentic, fabulous sushi, a la Kaji & Zen and such -- just an acceptably unlikely to kill me or feed me fish that's still frozen on the plate mid-market sushi place.

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  1. The sushi at Seoul House is fair, along the same lines as New Generation, etc.

    1. Ichiriki at Bloor and Church is acceptable as long as you stay to their chalkboard selection of fish.

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          Hey Jo,

          I suspect Notorious read Yorkville instead of Yorkdale.
          He was, after all, posting at 6:43AM, which is either very early or very late.

          1. re: sumdumgoy

            There is a place across from the plaza which houses Seoul House. I went one time, several years ago and found the sushi to be super cheap in price and not great (quality matched price). However, they were pushing the combo bento meals which have tempura, teriyaki, sushi/sashimi, salad and fruit, which looked to be pretty decent. I'm not a fried food eater, so I never order these. If you would like that type of combo, it would be worth a visit. I wish I could remember the name of it. It's on Dufferin (east side) right at Orfus Road.

            I would recommend Seoul House for Korean food. If you want sashimi, try the Hwe Dup Bap. It's a really yummy alternative which delivers raw salmon, tuna and either snapper or yellowtail. It is more interesting than their sushi, which is fine, but not spectacular. IMO, their weakest point is their miso soup, which seems like a total afterthought. It's often lukewarm, which irks me. One other thing: if you order Korean dishes, you get a handful of banchan (side dishes), which are tasty.

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              i believe the restaurant you are referring to is a Japanese restaurant named Yuki.

          2. re: TorontoJo

            Indeed when I've stayed up till 6:45am I tend to crap the bed a little when it comes to doing things. (anything)

        2. Thanks all, for the suggestions. Unfortunately, we ended up running late and had to eat at the mall (how hard is it to cook a damned carrot, Moxies?) or we'd have missed the start of the movie, but at least now I have some suggestions for how to fill my still unassuaged sushi craving.

          1. We love Yuki's. It is at Orphus Road and Dufferin. Great Hwae Dup Bap. The chef and wait staff try really hard to please. The fish is always very fresh...