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Sep 18, 2009 08:55 AM

Italian Pastries

Traveling from Chelsea to Syosset tomorrow around lunch time, where can I stop to get a box of really good Italian pastries (canoli and the like). I have a car, so I can go out of my way for the right place.

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  1. In Manhattan there's DeRobertis and Rocco's (my personal choices)
    Or post/search on Outer Boroughs for recs in Brooklyn or Queens

    De Robertis
    176 1st Ave, New York, NY 10009

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    1. re: iluvcookies

      Second Rocco's on Bleecker (btw. 6th Ave. and Cornelia)!

    2. venieros!

      342 E 11th St, New York, NY 10003

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        1. re: fm1963

          Venieros is great. Cannolis are good, love the lobster tails!

      1. Rocco's is probably the best in Manhattan. I don't like DeRoberti's or Veniero's. But I think you'll do better in Queens (though I don't personally know pasticcerie there, only in Brooklyn, which would be out of your way), so do post to Outer Boroughs.

        Rocco's Pastry Shop
        243 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10014

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        1. re: Pan

          I agree with these recommendations, especiallly Rocco's. And I don't care for Veniero's either.

        2. Bruno's on 506 La Guardia Place--beats Rocco's hands-down.

          Bruno Bakery
          506 LaGuardia Pl, New York, NY 10012

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              1. re: racer x

                Please give me specifics. I have yet to be impressed with anything at Bruno's. What do you particularly recommend?

                1. re: Pan

                  The raspberry creme brulee and the exotic mousse cake (I think it's coconut cream with a slice of mango in the center) come to mind. My mouth is watering now.

                  1. re: racer x

                    I found that OK but nothing that great.

                    1. re: Pan

                      Just re-visited Bruno's yesterday. They've changed their lineup of pastries. A number of the ones I used to like are no longer available.

                      I probably won't be going back.

                      1. re: racer x

                        Sorry to hear it. Please let me know when you find a good pasticceria in Manhattan.

              2. re: penthouse pup

                Brunos has actually improved over the last several months. I think they may have a new chef or manager. Some new desserts . I love their Napoleons!

                1. re: buddhabelly

                  No kidding? That's good to hear! How long were they closed, by the way?

              3. Thanks for the replies, all. I was all set to head to Rocco's or Veniero's, but ended up venturing out to Villabate on Bensonhurst. It just seemed more exotic!

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                1. re: Blumie

                  Good for you! You went to my favorite place.

                  1. re: Pan

                    Villabate, best Italian in NYC!