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Sep 18, 2009 08:52 AM

SweeTarts are going after Smarties!

This may not be a new development, but last night my kids were going through their candy supplies and presented me with a roll of little SweeTarts that looks very much like a roll of Smarties.

This is a great move! I've been a SweeTart fan for decades, and one of these little rolls is perfect.

Now, if Spree would do the same thing...or perhaps they already have?

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  1. Just wanted to comment that I purchase these candies for Halloween, so NOT to be tempted to eat them. Most kids seem to like them, I have no problem avoiding them. I also get Nerds in those tiny little boxes.

    Any other fave Halloween candies??

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    1. re: MNLisaB

      I've had trick-or-treat kids summarily reject Smarties. I wonder if SweeTarts will do better.

      1. re: Samalicious

        Smarties seem to be a pretty common halloween treat. I'd go for those little packs of two Sprees.

    2. sweetarts have always had the rolls. just hard to find. the same goes for spree. does have

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      1. re: vttp926

        Oh yeah, I know about the rolls of both. Just have never seen these rolls of mini-Sweetarts. I'd love to see mini-Sprees.

        Interestingly, last Halloween we got some rolls of Smarties the size of regular Sweetarts. Seemed to be a little too much Smartie. Maybe decades of eating just little Smarties is too much to overcome.

        This was about 40 years ago, but I got a Sweetart the size of a hockey puck at a candy store in Wellfleet on Cape Cod. Took me days to finish that bad boy.