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Sep 18, 2009 08:43 AM

Cafe Mirabelle, Portsmouth?

Will be in Portsmouth, NH for a few days next week. Will probably try Black Trumpet based on several raves on this board.

We've also read good things about Cafe Mirabelle, but can find nothing on Chowhound about it. Any opinions would be welcome. Thanks.

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  1. I really like Cafe Mirabelle. It's definitely "old school" style French. You're not going to find any cutting edge cuisine there (unlike Black Trumpet), but it's good just the same.They usually have a nice Provencal fish special and a tasty bouillabaisse. Crepe app with mushrooms is good. Wine list is limited but there are some decent and affordable bottles on the list. The service is casual, but very friendly and efficient. Try to sit upstairs if it's open, it looks a bit like a Swiss chalet and quite pretty.

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      Portsmouth report: We enjoyed our dinners at Mirabelle and Black Trumpet. Both were very attractive and very friendly. The Provencal swordfish and shrimp at Mirabelle was beautifully prepared and incredibly tasty. But I would agree with bewley that the Trumpet menu is more interesting. I'd be more likely to return there often if I lived in the area.
      And lunch at Portsmouth Brewery was outstanding--the Thai curry mussels were delicious, and of course the beers are unsurpassed. What a great small city!