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Sep 18, 2009 08:16 AM

Help this New Haven area transplant find good pizza here in RI

My husband and I both grew up outside of New Haven, we were raised on Pepes, Modern, Bobby and Dees...we have lived in RI for almost 10 years and have never found pizza we like that comes anywhere near close to home. We live in Portsmouth and usually end up orderingCarmelas and complaining that if we want good pizza we have to drive to CT...does anyone know of anything close to New Haven around here????????

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  1. The short answer, as far as I can tell, is no. You won't find anything even remotely like New Haven Pizza in RI. It makes me as sad to say as it as you are to hear it, but I've not found anything.

    The slightly longer answer is that I'm a broken record about how underrated Via Via is. Although their crust needs another few dashes of salt, it's the only pizza that I've found in RI baked at a high enough temperature to achieve the elusive crisp-chewy balance, as it's made in a wood fired oven.

    A quick google search found a blogger that sampled lots of Providence pizza and agreed with my conclusion, plus some decent pics:

    Best of luck, and if you find anything approaching New Haven Apizza in RI, please let us know.

    (Side note: I have not had good luck with the aspirationally-named New Haven Apizza in North prov.)

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    1. re: celeriac

      bummer :( but thanks for the know I havent been to ViaVia for awhile, I think the last time was after a few too many cocktails..I think we will give it another try!

      1. re: celeriac

        Thanks for posting that blog link. However, I question anyone who aspires to cover the Providence pizza waterfront and not try Caserta. I would respectfully disagree with someone who tries it and doesn't like it, but it's gotta be in the discussion.

        1. re: Bob W

          Caserta's is NOT remotely like NH pizza. I wouldn't even call it pizza, but that's just my opinion.

          1. re: Rhody Dave

            if its not pizza what is it exactly?

            1. re: joe777cool

              It's more like a squishy focaccia, than a true Naples/New Haven style pizza. I know it has its fans, but I don't consider it real pizza.

              1. re: joe777cool

                Of course it is pizza. Great pizza. Nothing like focaccia. If anything, the one complaint people have about the crust is that it's too crunchy and sometimes burnt. Not squishy in the least.

          1. re: redsoxgirl

            I love Al Forno's pizza (and the Red Sox) but the OP should be aware that they do grilled pizza, which is a different creature but one I think everyone should try at least once.

            There are plenty of Al Forno naysayers on here, but you can't go wrong having pizza at the bar.

            1. re: Bob W

              Sure, if an average sized $20 margherita is your bag.

            1. Cross the bridge into North Kinkstown and try Junction Trattoria and Bistro (Wal-Mart Plaza). I find that they have the best thin crust pizza in the state:



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              1. re: Sean

                LOL Sean, was "North Kinkstown" a typo, a freudian slip, or intentional social commentary?

                1. re: Bob W

                  DOOOH! I just noticed that typo...HA!

                2. re: Sean

                  I hated their fluffy, white bread undercooked style crust!

                3. lol. I've lived in RI my entire life and it wasn't until the past 2 years or so I have found my *favorite* pizza places in this state. There are certain tastes and style I look for and now have places I regularly go to but I'm not going to bother recommending them because I'm sure my style/taste preference is different than yours.

                  i'm a pizza snob like most of you on here... But really, my advice.. how about finding something you DO like in RI instead of trying to replicate "New Haven" style pizza? RI does NOT have a style. There are different ones throughout the state. I can't figure out why anyone would torture themselves ordering "Carmela's" if they don't like it..(I"ve never had it) but what's the point if it it leaves you feeling angry and disappointed afterward like bad sex? LOL

                  Everyone has said on these boards over and over that you just don't find "New Haven Pizza" in anywhere BUT New Haven. There is a goofy little place in North Providence that calls itself "New Haven" pizza, but I remember reading that the few posters that love New Haven Pizza and tried it for kicks... were highly disappointed.