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Sep 18, 2009 07:33 AM

Green Goddess

Very interested in this place, but know it's very small. Do you need reservations for Sunday brunch (and, implicitly, do they accept reservations for brunch)?

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  1. Unfortunately I haven't been yet, but I couldn't find any information about reservations on their website ( ) but the menus look amazing! Will certainly have a meal here when we're in town three weeks from now.

    1. They told me they accept reservations for dinners, but not brunch. I went on a Sunday though, and we were the only party there most of the hour or so we were there. It seems their Sunday morning crowd isn't (or wasn't) heavy, so you're probably ok to just walk in. I recommend it btw, the food was delicious. Their drinks are pretty awesome too (alcoholic and non-alcoholic alike).

      1. There for brunch on Sunday. They do not take reservations for brunch. We arrived shortly after they opened at 11 and the place was full soon after we arrived. There are only a few tables and none of the tables turned over while were there. So get there early.

        The food was creative and excellent (eggs benedict with a mushroom hollandaise over sweet potato biscuits); the service was slow, but comfortable and friendly.