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Sep 18, 2009 07:24 AM

Rendezvous - all starters meal?

Barmy and I are planning to treat ourselves to dinner at Rendezvous tonight. We looked at the menu online, and were struck by the fact that there are a LOT of starters, and they all look terrific. Have others made dinners there with only a selection of small plates? Is it a reasonable thing to do?

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  1. For sure. You would not be disappointed. The Octopus and the Sardines are particularly good.

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        Sardines? I love sardines but have never noticed them on the menu. Details, please!

        1. re: heathermb

          They don't have them all the time, but they do wonderful fresh grilled sardines. So tasty just with a bit of sea salt and pepper.

          They are even mentioned in this article about Sardines by Corby Kummer in The Atlantic:

      2. Not recently, but these are two I'd choose:

        Potato gnocchi with braised beef cheeks, green peppercorns, spinach and breadcrumbs 13
        Grilled merguez sausage with spiced yogurt sauce and pomegranate 9

        1. This is a great idea, as their starters are very nice. Be sure to get and enjoy the wonderful bread that they serve.
          By the way, Rendezvous has a great fixed price three course meal on Sunday nights that is a good bargain.

          1. Their charcuterie is always very good, as are the Rhode Island squid.

            1. Did a 3-person all-starters meal there a few weeks ago. Started with colder dishes, of which I liked the ceviche best. Be forewarned it comes in a spicy chili oil (good for me, bad for someone in my group). The middle eastern sampler was just meh. Scallops were exactly right. The squid with sausage was easily the star of the night, and the potato gnocchi with foraged mushrooms was probably second most liked at the table. I also loved the sardines, but one of the dining crew found them too strong...

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                FYI - the swordfish kebab appetizer that I had there a few days ago was very good, but note that it the kitchen makes it "medium rare".

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                  I'll second the gnocchi and the scallops - absolutely fantastic. The salads were delicious too...