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Sep 18, 2009 07:18 AM

where are the best wursts in boston?

I have searched around and it seems like German sausages are very difficult to find in the Boston area, i.e. on the T. As far as I can see karl's is the only game in town. Mostly I am looking for some good weisswurst or knockwurst, and I am willing to settle for Schaller and Webers which I think is the best commercial brand. So, Where are the best wursts in Boston?

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  1. Trader Joe's used to carry Usinger brats and knocks - at a really good price too. Last time I checked though, seemed like another supplier, so I don't know if they still do.

    1. If you can't get to Karl's Sausage Kitchen on Rt 1 in Saugus, which I think has the best house-made brats around, try:

      Baltic Deli near Andrews Square
      The Butcher Shop and South End Formaggio
      Savenor's Beacon Hill.

      I actually think the Kayem brats aren't bad, and they're easy to find in supermarkets.

      1. The better Russian stores like Bazaar and Berezka have an outstanding selection of wursts, both domestic and imported. Not so much German-style per se (though they do carry Schaller & Weber teewurst and liverwurst) but lots of good Hungarian and other Eastern European stuff.

        Bazaar International Gourmet
        1432 Beacon St, Brookline, MA

        Berezka International Food Str
        1215 Commonwealth Ave, Allston, MA

        1. I asked this a while back because I couldn't deal with driving to Karl's on rte. 1 and ended up calling Savenor's in Cambridge. We had brats and they were really good - not the pre-cooked ones at the grocery store.

          "The Smokehouse in Norwell (also sold at Savenours) makes incredible sausages of all types, but they specialize in German sausages."

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            The Kayem brats I was referring to are not pre-cooked.


          2. Schaller & Weber have a store in Walpole - right off Rt 1 at the Big Y plaza
            397 High Plain Street Walpole, MA 02081

            check here

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              Is that T accessible? That seems to be what the OP is looking for, which is why they're looking for alternatives to Karl's.

              1. re: Allstonian

                According to the MBTA website, it's a 19 minute walk from the nearest bus stop. Progress in public transportation hasn't really hit the Route 1 area.

                There's always a van parked out front of the place though - I'd call, and see what kind of alternative arrangements might be possible, if it were me.

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                Wow, never knew that existed. Thanks!

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                  Walpole also has a very fun Oktoberfest at the Boylston-Schul Verein (BSV) club - sorry, it was LAST weekend, but bookmark the site: