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Sep 18, 2009 07:05 AM

Verrill Farm Opens New Stand Today

Verrill Farm in Concord had the ribbon cutting for their new farmstand this morning. From the rendering I saw, the place looks quite a bit bigger than the old stand. Can't wait to get out there! Anyone get there today?

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  1. It's huge, compared to what they have and had! Hope they can fill it up. Going there today.

    1. huge thankyou for shouting this out.
      the only time I have taken the drive to Verrill's was the day they opened the makeshift stand after the fire. How appropriate to return today. I bourght some pumkins with perfect stalks, their own melon, peppers, celery root, deep purple fingerling potatoes, purple string beans, white/pink/purple radishes, orange and red beets, salad greens and pickling cukes
      also got some really cute rooster aprons, floursack napkins, wooden utensils, lemon balm handsoap, spicy pecans and some fresh figs
      what a fun day!
      I will surely go as often as I can afford the drivetime!
      thanks for posting - what a treat to be their for their big day, I don't know what the original was like, but this new building is stocked fabulously!

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      1. re: gyppielou

        they were magic purple string beens that turned green when steamed - and no, the steaming water didn't turn purple. Nice farm fresh magic beans

      2. I'm a local, and have to say they did a pretty amazing job of staying open this past year. They were simply a model for treating employees well at a time when it would have been very easy and understandable to not do so. It is a tribute to Steve Verrill, family, and employees that other local businesses immediately offered to help so VF could stay operating while awaiting the new stand. Not to get sappy, but this truly is a story of how classy people stayed cool and brought a happy outcome.

        1. I was disappointed. I thought they would have tons of stuff like Wilson Farms or Russo's. Lines were ridiculous. It's OK if you are out that way but not a destination.

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          1. re: bearzie

            I was disappointed too. The building is gigantic but they are only using about 1/3 of it for the store. Same old products, nothing new. I agree, not a destination.