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Sep 18, 2009 06:26 AM

The Basics Wilmington NC

Tried this place yesterday for My Birthday Lunch and was not impressed at all.The best part about it was it was lunch time and all the College Girls were walking by the window where I was seated,Back to the meal Meatloaf,Mac and Cheese and green beans.Meatloaf was cold and could have been leftover from the day before but the Server assurred Me it was baked fresh daily Right,The Mac and Cheese was runny with some Cheese that was thrown on top at the last moment,The green beans could have used some bacon grease and cooked a while longer.It seems I have a History of getting bad Meals on My Birthday in downtown last year it was the Dixie Dinner this year Basics,at least the Barby Coast did not let Me down.

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  1. This is a shame, because I have eaten there several times and loved every thing I've had. I've never had the meatloaf, yet I think the mac and cheese is divine and really unique. Dinners have been awesome and so well-priced. I had a duck breast there last week that had a pomegranate chile sauce on it that knocked my socks off. I've had the green beans before and loved how fresh and green they were and not cooked to death. Everything I've had (especially the Sunday brunch) has been delicious and fresh and priced right. Anyway, thought you might ought to give it another shot!

    1. I agree hoppinjohnfan! I LOVE the Basics for everything I have eaten there. I would not let the bad experience above deter others from trying out The Basics, I would recommend it to anyone!