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Sep 18, 2009 06:12 AM


Has anybody tried website does not let you know if they open yet?

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  1. What is the web address? Cannot find online. Thanks!

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        1. re: StriperGuy

          Somehow I get the impression that chow is not the focus of this place, although it may well be a meat market.

          'Hysterical" is a perfect description.

          1. re: bear

            Apparently on Wednesdays, "the focus will be on the ladies". Does this mean I won't be able to get a food order in?

            While reserving judgment on Splash until I actually try it, I will observe that the nightclub/restaurant dichotomy seems to be a Great Divide in Boston: you can do one or the other, but not both. I'm still waiting for a place that's ostensibly focused on nightlife whose food isn't crap.


            1. re: MC Slim JB

              Actually I was having this conversation last night- is there any place around here where you can go for dinner and dancing? We were picturing those great places that we've only seen in movies where there is seemingly a big dance floor in the middle of the tables. I know that The Odessey tries to do this, but other than that- Ive only seen it at weddings. Am I missing anything?

              1. re: fmcoxe6188

                There was a thread on this topic here a couple of years back. I basically concluded, "Not in the same room", and came up with a bunch of paired suggestions where you could eat at one place and walk to the other to listen to live music or dance.


                1. re: MC Slim JB

                  Thats a shame. Not really the same feel.....

                  1. re: MC Slim JB

                    Central kitchen downstairs for dinner, Enormous Room upstairs for dancing?

                  2. re: fmcoxe6188

                    There are lots of ethnic venues which do this, however, it only seems to work well on a smaller scale. If the nightclub business becomes too important, it brings a lot of problems and is very distracting (Ipanema, Red Pepper, Jin Asian Cusine, Shine). The night-club-night-clubs which gave food the best go are Mantra and Saint. When they opened I thought Saint had pretty good food, but the table layout put you in the middle of the club with people encroaching on your dinner or personal space, so eating it in a VIP room was a much better experience. No idea now. But ethnic bar/restaurants if not too big and your kind of music (Brazilian Pagode/Forro, Dominican Bachata/Merengue+Salsa, Cumbia, occasionally Ranchera), there are some stuffed shrimp and steak tips joints too that bring in a weekend DJ and have a small floor -- better if its more than just a couple.

                  3. re: MC Slim JB

                    I like it when the focus is on the ladies, but this place sounds like the suck.

          2. I've been. The Vegas meets Miami vibe doesn't really mesh, especially since it's, um, fall in New England.

            The food isn't very good.

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            1. re: SaraASR

              "especially since it's, um, fall in New England." - hahaha. I thought it was really surprising/interesting how they opened up in the fall.

              1. re: CreativeFoodie42

                I walked by there the other night on the way home from O-ya (oh my god it was the best meal of my LIFE) and there was a huge line outside of skantily clad.... I'm not sure ladies is the right word... people outside waiting to get in. I presume it isn't because of the food.

                1. re: MParente

                  remarkable that people wait in line to hang out on a roof deck in the fall that overlooks Kneeland street and the expressway. What's next, folks waiting 3 hours for fast food in Peabody? :-)