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Sep 18, 2009 06:06 AM

Best restaurants?

I recently received some certificates from and I was wondering what the best restaurants on there are... Anyone had any great experiences? Thanks.

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  1. As a matter of fact, yes. A friend of mine got some gc's for City Lobster and invited me to partake. I was completely hesitant about going, but really wanted to catch up with my buddy. The space was charming; very brasserie-esque. But what charmed me more were the outstanding crab cakes and corn succotash that I enjoyed for dinner. I was pretty floored that something THIS good came from City Lobster. Granted, I'd never been prior, but the reviews that I read were very mediocre.
    We received $25 towards 2 entrees, which ended up being a huge bargain. I look forward to returning.

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    1. re: LeahBaila

      Thanks for the suggestion! Sadly, I'm vegetarian ;).

    2. I can recommend these; all have at least some vegetarian options:

      Bao Noodles, Cafe Asean, Essex Restaurant, HK Restaurant, Philip Marie, Sachiko's on Clinton, The Elephant.

      I would describe my experiences as "good," though, not "great."

      1. Are you implying that you received certificates complimentary? what is lowest cost way to get hem?

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        1. re: kel

          They frequently have specials where you can buy a $20 gift certificate for $2. Once you are on their mailing list, they send you the notifications via Email.

          Personally, the only restaurant that jumped out at me was Hill Country. But Hill Country is a BBQ place, not the best choice for a vegetarian. And it seems that they are always out of gift certificates unless you act promptly at the beginning of the month. I did buy a gift certificate from Cafe Spice near Union Square. I haven't eaten there yet, but have gotten a few things to go from their kiosk in Grand Central a few times. I know there is better, but what I have gotten wasn't too bad.