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Sep 18, 2009 05:53 AM

Lunch near Stafford Center (Houston)

I'll be attending the Hot Sauce Festival tomorrow at the Stafford Center. Any good lunch spots near by to shore us up for the big event?

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  1. I'd go to Huarache Azteca. Basically a taco stand/joint, and arguably the best in all of Houston. Tacos and huaraches are both outstanding. You're going on a weekend so get the lamb, it's unbelievably tender and has incredible flavor.

    Tornado Burger is also nearby and they have burgers similar to In-N-Out burger.

    1. Absolutely agree with Huarache Azteca Express; it's very close and will probably be very busy. I'd pass on Tornado unless you're just really jonesing for a burger for some reason.

      For something different, in the evening only, drive up Murphy/1092 toward Houston, cross 59 and then through one more light and look for Bansuri Indian Food Corner on your left, a truck dispensing the street foods of Mumbai. Open only a few hours in the early evening and closed Sunday; be prepared for a long line.

      1. huarache Azteca is awesome.
        Lopez for solid Tex/Mex is at Murphy Rd/Wilcrest near Hwy 59.
        Heritage for good Indian food on Hwy 90.

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