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Sep 18, 2009 04:56 AM

Weekday lunch in Loudon County Wine Country

Wine touring next Thursday with some out of town guests and looking for a nice place for lunch. Magonolia's has come recommended and I am looking for other options too. A nice atmosphere and good wine selection with knowledgeable staff is a plus, but not required.

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  1. The bar at Tuscarora Mill is good for lunch. It's in the historic part of Leesburg. Cute town. And you can pick up goodies at Mom's Apple Pie around the corner!

    Tuscarora Mill Restaurant
    203 Harrison Street, S E Leesburg, VA

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      1. Lightfoots in Leesburg is tops, if you're looking for a higher end place. Also wonderful in Leesburg is Blue Ridge Grill (hard to find, near the DMV and Tractor Store). Both have much better menu and food than Tuscarora, in my opinion.

        For a British pub style lunch, where you can eat outdoors in a garden, try Hunter's Head in Upperville (on Rt 50). A great place if the weather is good for outdoor dining.

        Wine Kitchen is in the historic district. It's nice, if you're not that hungry & want very small portions. The wine is the draw there, however if you're touring wineries, you probably won't need that.

        We were twice disappointed with the food quality at Magnolias (once the main dish came still frozen inside) , although the setting is nice.

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          Completely second Lightfoot - we love love love their fare. If in Leesburg, you might check out the Cajun Experience (disclaimer that we haven't made it there yet ourselves).

      2. The French Hound in Middleburg serves lunch Wed-Sun and would also be a very nice choice if you hit some wineries down in the southern part of the County.

        I love living in "Wine Country." LOL