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Sep 18, 2009 04:28 AM

Flagel-late Me!!!

Look up in the's a bagel, it's a pletzel, it's a's a Flagel! Had a warm toasted everything flagel near my Mom's house in Queens at a place called Hot Bialy on Queens Blvd. near Union Tpke but they're apparently known more for their flagels than their bialys or bagels. For the uninitiated, a flagel is a bagel that looks like roadkill. Totally flattened out and therefore having a much larger radius and the illusion of less dough. But it totally changes the textural experience while providing far more surface area for your favorite shmear or preferred smoked fish (mine is buttah with sturgeon). I've heard that David's bagels makes them on 1st Avenue around 17th. Anybody know where to find them in Manhattan or do I have to resort to self-flagel-lation?

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  1. I too love a flagel! I first had one in the suburbs of MD. Now that I'm in NYC, I've always worried that it's somewhat sacrilegious to admit how much I like them. Here's a Serious Eats post on the phenomenon. It gives a few Manhattan spots.

    I recall hearing that Times Square Bagels (200 West 44th Street) has flagels, but I have not yet been to confirm.

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      Yes. David's on 1st between 19th/20th has 'em. So does Bagel Boss, also on 1st between 15th/16th. But I must say I still can't resist the conventional bagel at Ess-a-Bagel...

    2. for the record (ok, it's not really a record), Hot Bialy's bialy's are so-so, yes, but their regular bagels are just as good as their flats. unfortunately (or maybe out of loyalty) I have never had good flats anywhere else. better make the trip out to kew gardens!

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        Seconded. Hot Bialy's bialies are not that great.

      2. Just tried a giant pletzel at Kossar's. Really good (and at $1.75 a bargain) but it still was more like a giant flat bialy than a flagel. Gonna try David's next.

        1. I've seen them in Fairway, sometimes.

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            If you get there fairly early, they have 'em. Fairway's flagel's are quite good. They do all their own baking - bagels are close to H & H.

          2. Tal Bagels (83rd & Lexington) makes first-rate flagels with the perfect crunchy/chewy balance. Their everything flats are particularly good.