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Sep 18, 2009 01:26 AM

Looking for in depth pizza comparision between Lou Malnati's, Giordanos. Due's and Gino's East

I'm a singapore-based chowhound in town in for one day and am looking for an in depth discussion of the best deep dish pizza places. My only experience to date was Gino's which I liked but having read the boards I get the feeling that there are better options out there. I am looking for the best pizza with the best quality sausage (no other toppings). Any guidance would be appreciated.

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  1. You're asking for a lot - probably too much for people to concentrate on in just one discussion. What have you seen in the prior discussions of pizza in Chicago that interested you?

    I'm assuming that in addition to the sausage on your pizza you want some cheese and tomato sauce. Or not?

    I don't often order sausage on pizza but of the pizza's I've had served with sausage I've most liked the sausage at Coalfire. Coalfire isn't a "typical" Chicago-style pizza - it's a version of a New Jersey or East Coast pizza - but it's become a very popular place in the city with folks who know their way around pizza. Here's a link to Coalfire's website at which you can learn more:

    Coalfire will serve you a killer anchovy - sausage pizza that bursts with flavor. I love it, and, strangely, I don't like anchovies in other combinations.

    Pizza generally: I'm a fan of wht prouct served-up by Lou Malnati's. We had some thin crust and deep dish pizzas in the office from Malnati's the other day - we're located a 5-minute walk from the Wells St. location - and I was struck, once again, by the crust (and the corn meal on the bottom) and by the sweetnes and lack of obvious acidity of the tomato sauce. I had a couple slices of the deep dish cheese and one of the thin crust sausage - and I prefer the ones with only cheese (which doesn't help you very much).

    Pizza discussions on forums in Chicago are as about as emotional as the discussions of who serves-up the best hot dog, and why and there'll by no unanimity in opinions.

    Enjoy the visit!

    1. Coalfire is not deep-dish, and since you asked for deep-dish, it isn't applicable. But for me, the pizzas at Coalfire and their ilk all suffer from the same problem -- the edges are burnt, and the center of the pizza is soft and gummy. Cooking at such a high temperature works wonders for small pizzas, but beyond a 9" or so diameter, you start seeing the problem I mentioned, and it gets progressively worse as the pizza gets larger.

      I'm surprised you left Uno off your list (the original location, not the franchised locations which are IMO terrible).

      I'm not a fan of Giordano's stuffed pizza because its crust is almost always gummy. The others are much better and are similar to each other, but since sausage is important to you, IMO Malnati's has the best-tasting sausage.

      1. Lou Malnati's is #1 period- it is always consistent and delicious..... my 2nd choice is Pizano's in the Loop-