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Sep 18, 2009 12:20 AM

Miami Subs on Queen & Bathurst

This place looks interesting. Anyone been?

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    1. re: MattB

      Is this the same Miami Subs as the chain in the states?

      1. re: jamesm

        The sign is exactly the same, so there must be some relationship.

        1. re: CarNut

          I just looked it up on line. I'm fairly certain it is the franchise originating from Florida. Nathan's (as in the hot dogs) purchased most of the companies stocks and owns most of it. Haven't been into the place but if the menu is the same as the one on line you can get all kinds of Nathans Hot Dogs as well as cheese steak subs. Someone try it and tell us the dirty details.....I can't I'm on a diet.

          1. re: food face

            Miami Subs used to be a goto spot for chesesteaks when I was living in Orlando for work many years ago. It will be interesting to see how this translates in Toronto. They also had really good seasoned fries. This was before Nathan's was involved but this could provide easy access to some Nathan's dogs.

            Looking at the website, it looks like they offer the ghosts off fast food chains that have passed on. Arthur Treacher's and Kenny Roger's Rosters are on the menu! I have not seen either of those since the late 80s.

      2. re: MattB

        It has that it could go either way tackyness to it. As in the food is way good or way bad.

      3. It is the same chain as the one found south of the border.

        I can tell you that the cheesesteaks are quite quite similar to the ones found in the States. While I haven't visited an American Miami Subs in... 8 or 9 years, but when I ordered a cheesesteak on Queen St. last week it was eerily similar.

        The cheesesteak is similar to any mall food court cheesesteak stand. It's not bad, it gets the job done. They're also open 24 hours I believe. Just don't expect it to be like a Gino's steak.

        I can't speak for any of the other items (I don't remember the menu being so huge).

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        1. re: Rudiger

          I went there a couple weaks back. After a night out so memory kinda off. I do recall that they have fantastic onion rings. Had the philly steak sub. Seemed good. Think they use provolne cheese. It was kinda of dry (dunno if you're suppose to have bbq sauce on a philly steak) but that would have been good. Overall not a bad option for late night greasy food.

          1. re: visualhornet

            whiz wit', that's all! no sauce! the grease from the meat/grill and the cheese should be all the moisture you need.

            i'd like to know where they're getting the hoagie buns from... now that's what separates the real struff from the pretenders. i haven't done any serious searching in toronto but most of what i run into on a regular basis just never feels right. some swear it's in the philadelphia water....

        2. I used to like their Gyro Sandwiches :)

          1. I think this place delivers on its claim. It's obviously not a classy joint but a good place to get some fast food. I think the look is great: bright and different from the bland cafeteria/corporate look of most cheap eateries. I've only had the breakfast special (a sandwich: egg, cheese, bacon, and hash browns on a white bun) and coffee and it was perfect: greasy, yummy, satisfying, available 24-hours, and only $4-something. I found out too-late they have espresso: try and say that about the alternatives!

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            1. re: teresabanks

              Cute little review teresanbaks. I will have to try the breakfast sammy now.

            2. This place is now closed after a couple months in business. I live around the corner from it but the gaudy pink and teal colours kept me away.

              It's been closed for the past few weeks but there was a sign up and lights were on saying something about getting new equipment. Today or yesterday a For Lease sign went up so it's done for good now.

              I doubt anyone will miss this place. Now we're left with an ugly eye sore on Queen West that's bound be covered in graffiti and people sleeping in the doorway over the winter.

              Between this place and Madras Pantry closing after 2 or 3 months in business, it makes me wonder how Oh Boy and the new Smokes location at Queen and Bathurst will fare in the coming months.

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              1. re: sarnya

                What a shame missed this post and was planning on getting a philly cheeseteak sub here in combo with a Leslieville Cheese Market stop. I enjoyed the product when living in the US, but everytime I tried to go to this one it was closed for various reasons listed in hand written sign on the door.

                For Lease signs and paper up that lasted what 3 months? Not sure what kind of a business plan they had in place but that seems disturbingly short.