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Sep 17, 2009 11:42 PM

Help! I need tips on ganache.

I just got this pastry chef job at a nice bakery in guam. But thye made me head chef, why I dont know. Anyways, this is my dream job and i dont want to mess it up. Im only 20 and doing so well. But they've given me a devils food cake recipe with chocolate gnache. Im supposed to ice the entire cake. but when I made it it was too thin. What consistency should it have and how do i make it. I did everything the recipe said so i ont understand why it didnt come out. Please help me out. This job is everything to me.

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  1. I assume your recipe for chocolate ganache is: heat cream, add chopped chocolate, stir until chocolate melts and mixture is smooth. Before you can use it as a frosting, place a sheet of plastic wrap right on the mixture to prevent skin from forming; refrigerate the ganache until it is extremely COLD; might takes a few hours. Then beat it with the paddle attachment of an electric mixture until light and smooth. You must use it immediately to frost your cake before it stiffens. If it starts to stiffen, might try dipping your spatula in hot water and dry.

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      1. I had my own bakery before, and here is the ganache that I used:

        1 lb. semisweet chocolate
        2 cups heavy cream
        2 teaspoons vanilla

        Melt these together, then chill. I would stir it every half hour or so. Once it gets very thick and spreadable, ice the cakes immediately. This will give you a heavy, fudge-like icing. You can also beat it, as PBSF does, but it will change the texture to a lighter one. Here's a hint, you can actually ice the cake with the heavier, unwhipped icing, keeping some of the icing back. Then whip the remaining icing, and pipe rosettes on the cake. It will look as if two different icings were used.

        Also, you can make a poured ganache by using it when it is still liquid, placing the cake on a rack over a pan, and pouring the ganache over it. It will be thin, but beautifully smooth. It works great over a layer of almond paste.