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Sep 17, 2009 11:26 PM

New BBQ on Granville, Vancouver

As we zoomed home from Sea Harbour tonight, I spotted a newish resto in the tiny strip mall that houses Daimo Noodles down in Marpole. It started with a P and said BBQ House. I'm guessing it's Asian barbeque but I couldn't get a good look. Anyone have any intel?

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  1. The place is called Parta BBQ House and it is Chinese BBQ I believe. I've never been, I just know what the name is since I live in the area. Apart from one review on Yelp, there doesn't seem to be a lot of information elsewhere online..

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      Hmm, may have to investigate...

    2. I have been to Parta BBQ about three different times, and I LOVE IT! The duck and the bbq pork are amazing, but my favorite is the roast side of pig they have hanging. With the layer of crispy skin then fat then juicy meat it is an addiction! They also have Soy Chicken and bbq ribs but I have not tried them. When I go for takeout I usually order three items - I ask for two of the roast pig and 1 pt bbq duck on rice. Comes with bok choy (and you can ask for more bok choi withought extra cost)

      I was completly stuffed and satisfied and it came to about $8 MAX

      Just an incredible place, very mom and pop. I became a member of chowhound just to place this review, I hope it doesn't make this tooooo popular though!