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Sep 17, 2009 11:14 PM

Sunday breakfast or brunch

I would like suggestions for breakfast or brunch on Sunday. Here's the scenario... two ladies (50ish) in my professional association will be in town this weekend for a conference. They are both from Oregon. My husband and I will be taking them somewhere for breakfast on Sunday and neither of them have been to Austin before.

I think they would welcome a unique "Austin experience" but we are also looking for something reasonably priced. We plan to eat around 10 am and I am wondering if there are downtown options, maybe something with a scenic view? I have asked them if they have any specific food preferences and they seem open to just about anything but said they do not really like sausage or biscuits and gravy. I get the feeling they would not like very spicy foods either.

I welcome your ideas. Thanks for your time! ~Kathy

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  1. East Side Cafe is always tasty and is Austin-y. Nice, but casual. The gardens are nice. Look them up online, their menu is posted.

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      I second the East Side Cafe. I brunch a lot; and it's my favorite spot. The Huevos Mexicanos ($10.95) is excellent as are the blintzes ($9.95). I usually go around 1pm and need a reservation. They open at 10am. I'm not sure if you'll need a reservation at that time or not; it couldn't hurt. Also, make sure you request inside the house, not the garden room. The garden room is good for large groups but feels to me like the inside of a trailer.

    2. paggi house with the outdoor deck
      cafe bleu over the lake (what's left of it)
      moonshine has a great patio and brunch buffet

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        Thanks so much for your suggestions! I will continue to check this thread and see if any other ideas pop up. I have not been to East Side Cafe in a couple of years and I do remember it being good. :o)

      2. Would they be up for a Mexican style breakfast? Amaya's in Hancock Center is not much on ambiance, but the food is great and the price is right. Definitely an Austin experience.

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          Do you mean Amaya's Taco Village in Capital Plaza?

        2. Downtown? My suggestion is to wait an hour longer until 11:00, be willing to fork over a little more cash and go to La Condessa at 2nd and Guadalupe. The food is spectacular, you won't be disappointed. It blows the food of poor old tardy Fonda San Miguel out of the water. Trust me on this one. As far as "Austin experience" it's changed in the 25 yrs I've been here and this is where Austin is now.