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Sep 17, 2009 09:49 PM

One Night Back in Philadelphia after 45 Years - Bec Fin?

After many years' absence, back for one night. Now too old for cheesesteak - where to eat?

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  1. Is it a grand celebration? Do you want to revisit old places or try someting new?

    1. if it's been 45 years, you should come back in style! I would suggest the best, Vetri. However not sure when you are visiting, and if you'd have enough time beforehand to score a reservation. Worth a shot though, it's the best.

      1. While there are many worthy choices, after the last 2 times in the last 2 months on BYOB night, Le Bec is not making it on many levels. Food different, much different, too heavily salted for me, way less interesting, a shame

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          I second the vote for Vetri -- it's the best in the city, IMHO. I do still like Le Bec Fin, though. We had a terrific $35 restaurant week meal there the other day. For something new, I would vote for Bibou. We think they're absolutely terrific, if BYO and cash only is not a problem.

        2. Which night? I agree with the Vetri and Bibou picks but if you are doing this, say, tomorrow night, both places will probably be booked. If it's next month, you have more options.

          I'd add Zahav to the list as well.

          1. I'd also add Lacroix and Morimoto (tho not french) onto the suggestion list.

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              Though on the less expensive side, restaurants like Vietnam and Sang Kee (not so great atmosphere-tho incredibly good) in chinatown always deliver.

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                Neither of these places are worth a "one night in Philly" dinner, sorry.