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Sep 17, 2009 09:27 PM

Las Vegas - need some help with my choices

hi all --

I have 5 dinners in Las Vegas. Don't want to waste a one. I've scoured the boards and come up with the following list. Sure could use some of the collective experience out there to help me decide. Please tell me what you think:

-- Charlie Palmers for Sunday Supper
-- Restaurant Charlie or Bar Charlie – our big splurge.
Which should we choose -- bar or restaurant?
-- Hot n’ Juicy Crawfish or Origin India– so we get off the strip once.
Which is better? I kind of like the idea of getting messy with the crawfish. seems like it would be a good counterpoint to the fancy meals.
-- Craftsteak - Halfsteak special
-- One french meal that we don’t have to mortgage the house for- L'Atelier, Daniel Boulud, or Bouchon
Which is better for the money?


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  1. I had a great Sunday Supper at CP Steak in July. I've never been so full my entire life...I hope you're lucky enough to get a pasta dish with some of the chef's delightful tomato/marinara sauce!
    The hubby and I had the best meal of our lives as DB Brasserie. I ordered off the Taste of Wynn menu and was really impressed. The country pate was a were the accoutrements of homemade pickled veggies and mustard that came with it. The Sonoma chicken was the most perfectly cooked, pan-roasted chicken that I've ever had!
    The Board LOVES Bar Charlie for it's personalized service and exceptionally executed meals. The Board also LOVES L'Atelier for Roboucon's inventive offerings and bar seating so that you may see your food being prepared. Bouchon is supposed to be better for brunch than regular lunch and dinner service.

    1. L'Atelier de Joel Rubuchon outshines Daniel Boulud and Bouchon.

      Le Burger is soooooo good. Juicy beef topped with foie gras and the lightest crispy frites ever. His signature mashed potatoes are awesome.

      Daniel Boulud and Bouchon are great, just not at the level of Joel Rubuchon. DB is more rustic style French and Bouchon is bistro food. L'Atelier is modernized french food.

      Also, Craftsteak is meh...I would rather go to Charlie Palmer Steak.

      1. Unless you don't have any access to Indian food in your hometown, I'd go with Hot n' Juicy Crawfish. Get one bag of crawfish and another bag of shrimp. The crab is good too. Decent Étouffée too.

        Aw damn... you're making me hungry now.