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Sep 17, 2009 09:00 PM

Recs for Bristol TN/VA

Will be in Bristol this weekend and need recs on good non chain places to eat. Any type cuisine will do.

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  1. Ridgewood BBQ is near. Very good Q, some even say best in the USA. Search this board or google for much more info.

    1. Near Bristol is the town of Abbington, VA. In Abbington, there is the Barter Theatre which is the "state theatre," the Martha Washington Inn, as well as a small artist community. The times we visited Abbington, we found quite a few nice local restaurants that we attributed to the local social scene there. Can't name any as it was a few years ago, but I'd bet it is worth a short drive down I-81 to check it out.

      1. Since I live a couple of counties away, I frequent Bristol quite often to shop. If you are going to be in Johnson City, TN go to the Fireshouse restaurant- wonderful BBQ and beans. Unfortunately, Bristol is chain restaurant hell given the fact that the interstate runs through it. Abingdon has several good restaurants- Allison's on Main Street, Ellis Soda Shope on Main, and my personal favorite-Chick-N-Little on Main. Good homemade food- all the locals eat there. If you want good pizza or calzones, go to the Lyon's Den just outside of Abindgon on Porterfield Highway.