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My Place - Canadian Pub in BWV

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Brad Long's new place. It looks like it's open. Has anyone tried it yet?

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  1. Just noticed it the other day, but it didn't look open. Interested to see what happens considering the previous incarnation was a karaoke haven for some of my neighbours.

    1. Tried it tonight for the first time. The pub is divided into a number of large spaces (the building is huge!), including a rooftop patio (one of the nicest I've seen), main bar, restaurant section, balcony section, sports bar basement and a room with a chef's table. The spaces are nicely designed, with well-spaced tables and plenty of staff. It's been quietly opened for the last two weeks, and traffic has been steadily building. The sports bar and balcony have yet to be launched, but the dining room, roof and bar are open. The menu is local with many interesting sounding dishes. The wine list is predominately Canadian, with a few well-chosen international wines. They have a very nice house lager, brewed for them by Great Lakes Brewery.

      We tried the five cornered longhorn burger, which is made from wild longhorn beef, and which was perfectly cooked, served medium and juicy as all get out. Fantastic fries, served with a very garlicy aioli. Definitely not the most interesting things on the menu, but when you want a burger, you have to have a burger. Service was attentive and extremely knowledgeable. I will go back.

      The menu offered many interesting looking things that I didn't try. Cod cheek chowder, black cod fish and chips, braised bison brisket sandwich, chili maple bbq bison ribs, etc. Menu is in link below.


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        Nice review, Snarf.

        Love that they have borscht, tourtiere and butter tart squares on the same menu.

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          Snarf, what was the crowd like the night you were there?

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            I was there last night early, just after 5 pm. At that point in time, there were quite a few on the roof top, varying from late 20's to mid 40's, most of whom had food in front of them. On the way out, the bar had a few people, and there were a number of families and couples in the restaurant section. Mostly professional looking people, lots of cosmos, fairly even balance. Currently, they are doing live jazz on Thursdays, and will be having more eclectic selections in the sports bar on the weekends. West end equivalent of the Rebel House crowd.

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          Thanks as well snarf, a couple of friends were there yesterday and really enjoyed it as well.

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            there is no such thing as "wild longhorn beef"

            1. re: OnDaGo

              Wild as in 'ill-behaved'. They are very difficult to raise.

              1. re: Snarf

                Actually no, they are very easy to raise as they do well in pasture:

                "Easily Handled: Cattle drive stampedes may have made good movie footage but rarely happen in the reality of Longhorn ranching. These cattle are quite gentle and very easily worked on foot. " http://www.elcoyote.com/breedchara.html

                1. re: Googs

                  Yes, as beef has been domesticated for eons... if he put "Wild" salmon on his menu and served farmed salmon would you not be pissed?

                  1. re: OnDaGo

                    With a rep like his, it makes you wonder why he'd even feel the need to make such a claim. Just be good already. That's all we want.

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                      It seems to me that "wild" is an adjective from the poster, rather than from the menu. But I will likely be going there in the next few days,so I can report backon that and other things.

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                        This is a storm in a teapot. Wild was used on the menu, and the waiter who served us explained the difference in the various beefs on the menu as relating to the feed. The longhorn which makes up the "Tilsonburger" is grass-fed.

                        I don't think that there is any reasonable prospect that someone would think they've been cheated eating this. The salmon analogy is spot off.

                        1. re: Snarf

                          I liked "ill-behaved" better. It sounded so much more fun than grass fed. Conjurs up images of a longhorn with a leather jacket, single hoop earring, and tattoos on their horns. Maybe that's just me.

                          Perhaps the menu writer was thinking of the Gibson guitar.

            2. I'm actually super excited that there may actually be a relatively cool place in BWV.
              Moving from downtown a while ago i've found the area kind of lame as far as nice places to go hang out...
              Really crossing my fingers, gonna head there later and scope out the scene ; )

              1. I went this weekend.

                Good points:
                Love the addition to the neighbourhood.
                Roof top patio is great
                Good beer selection, wine selection was small, but I didn't have any trouble finding a few I would be happy with. (especially happy for the Wildass...)
                Fries are amazing - could possibly be the best fries I've ever had.
                Egg bun is really, really good.
                Good quality, fresh ingredients and they don't skimp on the portions.
                Nice hostess who's trying to be welcoming (perhaps a tad too hard, but still quite nice)
                Love the mustard condiment choices.
                Really happy about the menu selections. Some upscale choices, but also great choices for a regular old Tuesday night too. Also happy to see a homage to the neighbourhood in the form of perogies and borscht. Could have another salad choice tho...

                Not so good points:

                Understandably, service isn't quite there yet. I'm not sure our server had ever even been in a restaurant before, let alone served anybody before. I ordered the pulled pork sandwich, and he asked me - 'just one?'. Well, yes, I'm in the habit of eating one meal at a time... I'm sure that will get ironed out.

                While the sandwich had some really great ingredients, it was all a bit too much. On top of the already fat laden huge pile of meat, there was a spoonful of sour cream, and there was also cheese on the sandwich. Waaay too much for me. The pulled pork itself wasn't very flavourful - no tangy vinegar hit at all - so I'm not sure I would order it again, but if I was ever tempted, I would definitely ask them to hold the cheese and the sour cream.

                My partner had the black cod and chips. The fish was waay over salted. Also, for $22, my partner felt that it would have been better to get one larger filet of fish, rather than a few small chunks. Could have just been how this portion worked out - but $22 for an average night out is a bit on the high end for us.

                All in all, we're looking forward to going back - and we're really happy to have another choice in the hood.

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                  Moral: find out the hours before you go - not open for lunch! Went to Shakey's instead - meh.

                  1. re: tochipotle

                    Tried the cod cheek chowder the other day. Nice portion, good flavours, and a nice dish in general. Still some questions on integrating service, but there is an enthusiasm to get feedback.

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                      Thanks for the review! Love the details.
                      Can't wait to try it. But perhaps I will wait till they iron out the wrinkles. Gotta give new places a chance. BWV definitely needs something new and good. Nice that it is close to the subway too!

                    2. Thinking of checking it out this weekend. Has anyone else been lately? I'm wondering what the atmosphere of the restaurant is like. And whether there are any other dishes people would say are hits/misses aside from what's already here.

                      1. I went last night for dinner. If they stay this good, they'll be the best restaurant in Bloor West Village. I've lived here two years and we needed this. There's nothing like it in the area. The ribeye steak was cooked a perfect rare, thoroughly seasoned. Even the side veg of chard and red carrots were a pleasure. The apple pandowdy is insane, huge too. The portions are very generous.

                        The only disappointment was their take on the Caesar salad: "garlic bomb" or something like that. Cool idea but lacking in flavour. A better dressing would fix that right away.

                        This place is serious. I'll be back for pints and jazz night. I really hope people patronize and make it successful. It's either that or keep putting up with Sharkey's.

                        1. Went recently on a Fri night. First impression was very strange. There's a parking lot in the back and a sign, so we entered through the back. A very bare stairway, no signs inside and no idea where to go! I don't think the back is meant as an extrance, but whatever.

                          I made a reservation through email, which they didn't have. No worries, lots of room, but strange they didn't have the reservation. After we were seated, it took a long time for someone to come to our table. Service was evidently very confused, but pleasant and we had no issues since then.

                          Ordered a couple pints of their own beer, which was described as "like Canadian, but better". I didn't really like it... it was indeed like Canadian. I found it lacked flavour. Ordered the garlic bomb caesar salad and borscht soup to start. The salad was enjoyable. Fresh lettuce with just the right amount of dressing and lots of whole roasted garlic throughout. The garlic croutons were wicked. The soup had a ton of cabbage and nice flavour. I was happy with both. For mains, we ordered the longhorn burger and fish and chips. The burger was just awesome! In a tortilla, which is unique, it was cooked to medium-well. The flavour was fantastic, perfectly spiced, and it was super juicy. It came with fries, which were also fantastic. Cut thick, perfectly crisp and not oily. The fish and chips were also good and served with a homemade tartar sauce.

                          Overall, the food was excellent. The biggest downside is that the place lacks atmosphere. Maybe because it's so massive? I have a feeling the decor will look faded very quickly. We also had intentions of going to the bar downstairs for music, the music didn't start when expected. The bar was kind of empty and not very inviting. So we ended up skipping it. This place (his place?) is a nice neighbourhood spot. If I lived nearby, I'd go regularly for the food. Affordable drinks will probably make it a good hangout. But I wouldn't go there if it were a far drive.

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                          1. re: SMOG

                            I don't think they monitor their email. I sent 2 different emails to them and received no response at all.

                            1. re: longolame

                              No, I actually got a response, which is what was puzzling! The email response confirmed the time and name and said thank you about 3 different times. I would have called, but they weren't open yet and I didn't want to forget, so I sent an email.

                          2. Thanks, sounds like a place I need to visit. :)

                            1. I went last night with two other adults and my little one.
                              Just right off the top i gotta say this place is by far the best place in the neighborhood.
                              It's split into 4 sections - the basement is a sports bar'ish kinda spot, very large and probably a fine place to watch hockey or fights or whatever, I didn't hang out down there since i was mainly there to eat and have a few pints.
                              For dinner the dining room is quite nice - they've obviously thrown quite a bit of dough at the place and it shows. It got busier as we were there and the gal in the bar area (where we ate) says that it's pretty consistent which is a good thing so we don't have to worry about it going under or whatever.
                              There is also a killer rooftop patio that i'll probably be visiting quite a bit when the warm weather is back.
                              We ate at the bar area, there is lots of room between the tables so you've got some privacy (if you have a loud little one or whatever) and it's got a good vibe.
                              The bar is super super nice and very well stocked.
                              For dinner I had the cod cheek chowder to start and it was amazing. Theres are pork rinds in it that gave it excellent smoky flavour.
                              Main course I had the pulled pork sandwich and salad and it was killer, super tender, nice flavoring with a good bbq sauce that didn't overwhelm the smokiness of the meat. It was also worth noting the portion sizes were really big...it's not cheap so it was good to see at least they weren't being chintzy on that level...
                              My buddy got a burger that he loved, handmade hand chopped patty it said, and gal got the quesidillas which she quite liked and they were monstrosities at well...
                              homemade nanaimo bars for dessert were great as well.
                              The beers were not bad, they had Grolsh on tap which was nice, mill st. organic, and creemore. Would like to see a few more smaller local kinda beers, maybe a stratford pils or denisons - but for sure a super-sweet spot to go - clean,and the food is really good.
                              Finally a place in the 'hood i can go with the little one, enjoy a pint, and feel comfortable.
                              Total including tip was about $135 (including 20%)
                              Happy i finally have my local down the street :)

                              1. Here's my take from last night:
                                Great food & service for a pub. Nice night out. But not a 5-star restaurant.

                                The service was great. The waiter found me some great beers to try, and even gave me samples of some I didn't order.

                                Poutine was just okay! Good, but not authentic-Quebecois style (which I'm familiar with - I lived by Quebec for decades). Good curds, good gravy... But the curds were not melty, and fries were a bit underdone for my taste (soft & not crispy). NIce pan drippings, and not swimming in gravy.

                                The bison ribs were really nice. Spicy, not too sweet. Nice garnish of roasted corn. Baked beans were just al dente & not too sweet. Brought half of it home! Very good.

                                The mussels were also very good - though my s.o. had them (not me). Well received. Though one was closed & probably shouldn't have been served.

                                Dessert: apple crumble with melted cheddar. Well done, big portion. But too heavy on the clove for my taste.

                                Two drinks each, shared app & dessert, 2 mains + tip = $100.

                                Good dinner! I'd go back. But beyond improvement? No.

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                                1. re: bellywizard

                                  Thanks for the tips. I'm still on the fence, but that helped.

                                  1. re: hungryabbey

                                    If this helps, I tried this place a few weeks ago. Everyone at my table enjoyed their meal but me. They loved the pulled pork and a charcuterie type app. Can't rememebr what else but it was good.
                                    I foolishly ordered the special of the day which was lamb. The lamb was over cooked and rubbery. There were no promised beets on the plate ( I love beets).
                                    Very disappointing for me. Still I should have know better than to order lamb at a BBq pub place!
                                    I'll give it another go though I am not in a hurry .

                                2. Have a link.

                                  My Place: A Canadian Pub
                                  2448 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6S 1R2, CA

                                  1. My husband and I and another couple decided try out this place a couple of weeks ago. We live in the area and heard lots about it. We were hoping it would be a good addition to an otherwise lackluster area for food. We met the other couple at the restaurant and the hostess asked us whether we would like a booth or a table. Seeing that the booths looked very cosy we chose that option. I thought we would be seated in the main dining area but we were led to the back to an adjacent room. The atmosphere was quite different from the main dining area - gone was the cosy feeling - it felt like were were in totally bland and plain room.

                                    I ordered the 'Shredded Berkshire Pork Shoulder & Mustard Greens Melt', my husband ordered the 'Chili Maple Barbecue Bison Ribs with our Baked Beans' and the other couple ordered the 'Sheppard's Pie' and 'Tilsonburger Wild Longhorn Beef'

                                    The overall concesus was that everything was just 'okay.' Nothing really special but nothing really bad. The only negative comments would be that the Tilsonburger Beef was too pink for my friend and the baked beans were a little too al dente. My husband had ordered the 'Cod Cheek Chowder' but it lacked in flavour and almost tasted like it was watered down. Perhaps the biggest disappointment was the dessert. Only one of us ordered dessert as we were quite full from the generous size portions. The Butter Tart Squares is something we would pass on the next time around.

                                    Overall we had a nice time with our friends over decent food in a relaxed setting.

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                                    1. re: mammoth

                                      What was it about the Butter Tart squares did you not like? The taste? Portion size?

                                      1. re: sugarcube

                                        Went there last night, will not go again. Sorry to the kitchen because I think the intention and culinary skill are both there. They were short staffed by one waiter, but it was like the lights were on and no one was home. No cutlery, no drinks for ages after ordering, no promised bread with the mussels, when it came it was totally stale, as were the burger buns, harried serving staff carrying around orders but not knowing where to take them, no condiments - basically customers getting up and serving themselves. It was a gong show in terms of service. We had mussels (not bad but not wow, a little too salty from the bacon;) portobello burger, ok. Burger, great potential but a little overdone, best dish of the night was an appetizer of buttered asparagus with a nicely poached egg and pancetta - very good. oh and excellent fries. It seems to me if they just found some real estate about 90% smaller they'd stand a chance of doing things well and could be a really nice addition to the 'hood. I think it is just too big to run efficienctly and serve quality food if the staff is either insuffiecient or not properly trained.