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Duke's Mayonnaise - where to find it in the Bay Area?

I just returned from a trip to the South, and have some new recipes from a Great Aunt to try - among them, Pimiento Cheese.
I was browsing around, looking for other recipes to compare and contrast with the one from the Aunt - and I see that many of them mention a specific mayo to use - a Southern brand called "Dukes."
I was wondering if anyone had ever seen it in any kind of supermarket here in the SF Bay Area...since we have so many specialty groceries here, it was worth an ask to my fellow Chowhounds before I give up and just use Hellman's...

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  1. I haven't sen it in any of the stores that sell Southern Groceries and according to their website they don't sell in California ... which isn't to say that some store doesn't have a stash.

    The good news is you can order it on line

    I don't know, according to wiki the difference with Duke's is there's no sugar in it

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      That's interesting that it does not have sugar - because the supermarket-brand prepared pimiento cheese I tasted in the South was decidedly sweet - almost unbearably so. (That taste of the supermarket version could have turned me off - but I could see the potential if it were made with natural high-quality ingredients...which is why I can't wait to try making my own!)

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        I made some last weekend using dukes mayo and roasting my own peppers. Definitely preferred the nonsweet aspect. It's my understanding that some recipes call for miracle whip which would give a sweet taste.

    2. I recently ordered it directly from their website. I think it was $15 for two 32 oz jars. It does not have sugar in it (I am trying to cut sugar from my diet). I like it but my SO prefers Hellman's.

      1. Have never seen it in California (other than in my fridge!) - mail order or buy it when traveling.

        It's even becoming harder to find in the South..well, that's if you count Florida as the South. I always bring it home from trips to Florida or ask to have it shipped from my mom when I run out. I prefer it to Hellman's. Thanks for the reminder, will have to look for it on my trip to Savannah!

        1. The Lee Brothers also sell it in addition to other Southern products.


          1. I vaguely remember Dukes mayo and mustard as a kid in the South. For the life of me, I can't see what difference a commercial mayonaise will make in a recipe. Also, you may have trouble finding Hellman's...look for Best Foods. It tastes just like Hellman's (joke).

            1. I just bought a 16-oz. plastic jar of Duke's Real Mayonnaise ("The Secret of Great Southern Cooks") at Cost Plus World Market for $2.99. They also carry Duke's sandwich spread and tartar sauce.

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                Je t'adore! I was in Santa Rosa yesterday for the Yucatecano chowdinner. When I read this, I calculated that I would have just enough time to swing by Cost Plus in SR to get my very own Duke's mayo before dinner. I was delighted to find it on the shelves here, thank you. The clerk on the floor said that it's a regular item but it's being promoted now with the grilling/bbq gear.

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                  We moved from Alameda to Amelia Island Florida. Duke's is on the shelf at Publix and having used both Hellman's and Duke's, we are solidly in the Duke's corner today. The "sandwich spread" is new around here and I assume it's much like Miracle Whip. No big deal, not going to buy it, sticking with the mayo. Think it is truly southern.


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                    Hey RM, we miss you out here. And BTW, the barbecue scene has improved during our recession.

                    In any case, I'm very happy to have the Duke's yellow capped jar in my fridge again. I neglected to look at the sell by date before buying it and wanted to mention that my purchase has an August 2010 date. Maybe we'll start seeing it a Grocery Outlet next month . . .

                    1. re: Melanie Wong

                      So, how does it taste? I've really taken a shine to Spectrum Organics various mayos, which now that I look carefully do list honey as an ingredient, but it is such a small amount that no sugar registers on the nutrition info. The Duke's does have three times more saturated fat than the Spectrum mayo, so it must be pretty eggy.

                      1. re: SteveG

                        The cider vinegar gives Duke's an assertive snap especially in the absence of added sugar. It has a creamier, lusher and less stiff texture. It reminds me somewhat of Trader Joe's house brand mayo, but that has a lemony taste rather than vinegar.

                2. re: nestorius

                  I was running errands in Oakland this morning so I stopped by the Cost Plus at Jack London. They're running a special on Duke's products, basically reduced 50%. I picked up several jars of mayonnaise (but not all!) at $1.49 per 16-oz jar.

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                    Cool. Are these the items with the August 2010 sell by date? Not that it makes much of a diff to me, since mayo stays in my fridge for a year or two after opening.

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                      "since mayo stays in my fridge for a year or two after opening." Same here, except it has been known to stay there longer. So I no longer buy jarred mayo. If I need some, I make it.

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                        I picked a jar up at the Fremont Cost Plus (back shelf across from Torani syrup) 50% off $1.49. Regular $2.99. My best by date is 11/1/10. The cashier told me she thinks it maybe discontinued.

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                          From their website they seem to be alive and well

                          It sounds more like and expiration date thing

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                            Maybe she meant that Cost Plus plans to drop it from inventory. Hope not, now that we've just discovered it here.

                            1. re: Melanie Wong

                              Don't know where you are in the Bay area, but you might also try Draegers as a resource if you loose your Cost Plus supplier.
                              And by the way, the difference in Southern pimento cheese recipes and others is the use of Miracle Whip. If you look at the old timey recipe books, they all call for MW and it really is the quintessential southern flavor. It is typically a bit sweeter, for sure, bu t southerners like things sweet....think about our tea!! ;)

                              1. re: Melanie Wong

                                I think it was discontinued at Cost Plus. I just went to find it yesterday at JLS - somehow the only person not at EatReal - and it wasn't anywhere, not even in clearance. If it pops up at another Cost Plus in the area, I would love to know, otherwise I am back to stalking Grocery Outlet for Hellmann's.

                                  1. re: Melanie Wong

                                    Thanks for the tip. By the time I got there (yesterday), Oakland had only Light left in Hellmann's. I was in a rush, and didn't do a full GO inspection, though I did notice Mozzerella Fresca products that I usually see at Whole Foods.

                                    Fresca Restaurant
                                    2114 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA 94115

                                  2. re: annec

                                    The sales clerk at Oakland said it was a seasonal (summer) item, like their BBQ items. How mayonnaise can be seasonal, I don't understand.

                      2. Cost Plus in Daly City..has Dukes Mayo ..as of this week...

                        1. Cost Plus in Redwood City also has it. Just bought some today. Not on sale.

                          1. I live in the south (I'm from the Bay Area) my mom was from Georgia, and we use the Duke's or another store brand (?) here called Blue Plate. You could certainly make your own mayo to use, I'm sure it would be great.

                            There is definitely an art to making Pimento Cheese, and if you've ever had any from a regular deli - or worse - from a container, you may be put off for life! But don't be!

                            The real thing - as your Aunt knows, is a totally different thing than that sweet, gelatinous orange goop that they sell. Some prefer sweet - when made with Miracle Whip - I do not. I particularly do not care for Pimento Cheese on white bread (as it is commonly served here) it reminds me of a kid's food - and lacks texture.

                            But a good Pimento cheese that you made to your yourself, with good crackers - is great! I never buy "Pimento's", I use (from the jar) roasted red peppers - and lots of them. Also, don't grate your cheese or cut your peppers too fine - Pimento Cheese requires a lot of stirring to blend - it's better if your cheese and peppers are a little chunkier and not perfectly uniform. Try using a knife, instead of a grater for your cheese, for this recipe.

                            I brought some recently to a party and the guests ate it with the black caviar and sour cream and sieved eggs on toast points. Strange but true!

                            Blue Plate
                            3218 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

                            1. Dukes is in the south and Hellman's in the North and West. I have used both, can't see a difference.

                              1. Stopped by the Cost Plus in Mountain View today and Duke's was nowhere to be found. The store manager said it was something they carried last summer/fall but have since discontinued carrying it.

                                "Unfortunately," I have some hickory-smoked bbq on the way via dry ice from North Carolina, but I need to whip up some slaw to go with it. Won't touch the Helmann's stuff because the texture/flavor don't comport with my in-house recipes. Melanie, you think Trader Joe's brand is a good substitute?

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                                  It's been at least 3 yrs since I've purchased TJ's mayonnaise and I'd be concerned there might have been a formulation change. But if not, what TJ's shares with Duke's is the creamier texture, no sugar, and brighter acid balance. They differ from Hellman's/Best Foods in the same way. But TJ's has a lemony/citric taste vs. the cider vinegar of Duke's, so may not be the taste profile you're seeking for your recipes. Maybe make your own mayo?

                                2. Duke's mayonnaise is available at the Albany Dollar Tree (Gilman & San Pablo). $1 for 8 oz jar. I bought mine on Friday. Sell date is 12/09/12. Bring on the pimento cheese and BLTs!

                                  Have also heard its available at the store in Richmond. No luck finding it at Dollar Tree in Rohnert Park, San Jose (Story Rd), Daly City, or Salinas.

                                  Pimento cheese recipe

                                  1. Posted a video of the story of Duke's Mayo on the Food Media board,

                                    I was fascinated to learn that Eugenia Duke, the founder, moved to Oakland, CA after selling her mayonnaise recipe. She had another successful company here called the Duchess Sandwich Co.

                                    Shame that Duke's mayonnaise is not distributed regularly in California given these ties.

                                    1. I live in Halifax NC and I grew up using Duke's Mayonnaise,,I buy it from Walmart for $3.50 quart size

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                                        Thanks, but that probably won't help for out here in California. I believe distribution of Duke's is very regional unless a particular storeowner is really trying to bring some in.

                                      2. Duke's mayo is back on the shelf at Dollar Tree in Healdsburg, 8 oz for $1. Best buy dates range from 1/4/15 to 2/21/15.

                                        Might be available at other local branches.

                                        1. I buy Duke's on Amazon.

                                          1. As with almost all regional, foreign or otherwise locally scarce prepared food products, amazon.com is your best friend. Probably won't be as cheap as Walmart, but most of the time, it's there. Amazon does carry Duke's ... I checked. Driving all over kingdom come to find the one store in your area that has some locally obscure product is a lot more expensive than paying the Amazon price. It's also so last-century.