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Sep 17, 2009 07:57 PM

Duke's Mayonnaise - where to find it in the Bay Area?

I just returned from a trip to the South, and have some new recipes from a Great Aunt to try - among them, Pimiento Cheese.
I was browsing around, looking for other recipes to compare and contrast with the one from the Aunt - and I see that many of them mention a specific mayo to use - a Southern brand called "Dukes."
I was wondering if anyone had ever seen it in any kind of supermarket here in the SF Bay Area...since we have so many specialty groceries here, it was worth an ask to my fellow Chowhounds before I give up and just use Hellman's...

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  1. I haven't sen it in any of the stores that sell Southern Groceries and according to their website they don't sell in California ... which isn't to say that some store doesn't have a stash.

    The good news is you can order it on line

    I don't know, according to wiki the difference with Duke's is there's no sugar in it

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      That's interesting that it does not have sugar - because the supermarket-brand prepared pimiento cheese I tasted in the South was decidedly sweet - almost unbearably so. (That taste of the supermarket version could have turned me off - but I could see the potential if it were made with natural high-quality ingredients...which is why I can't wait to try making my own!)

      1. re: Morticia

        I made some last weekend using dukes mayo and roasting my own peppers. Definitely preferred the nonsweet aspect. It's my understanding that some recipes call for miracle whip which would give a sweet taste.

    2. I recently ordered it directly from their website. I think it was $15 for two 32 oz jars. It does not have sugar in it (I am trying to cut sugar from my diet). I like it but my SO prefers Hellman's.

      1. Have never seen it in California (other than in my fridge!) - mail order or buy it when traveling.

        It's even becoming harder to find in the South..well, that's if you count Florida as the South. I always bring it home from trips to Florida or ask to have it shipped from my mom when I run out. I prefer it to Hellman's. Thanks for the reminder, will have to look for it on my trip to Savannah!

        1. The Lee Brothers also sell it in addition to other Southern products.

          1. I vaguely remember Dukes mayo and mustard as a kid in the South. For the life of me, I can't see what difference a commercial mayonaise will make in a recipe. Also, you may have trouble finding Hellman's...look for Best Foods. It tastes just like Hellman's (joke).