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Sep 17, 2009 07:38 PM

Best Things to Eat and Drink in Vancouver 2009

Has anyone else tried the black truffle pizza at Market? I have and didn't think much of it, but wonder if it's because that was the first time I tasted (or tried to taste) black truffles?

And...I may just make a trip to Deacon's for Chicken Fried Steak, after all!

And I see the Dungeness Crab Hot Pot from Sea Harbour is on the list. That's where the Chowdown is tonight, wonder if they tried it???

I have only tried 6 of the 101 items! I have been to a lot of the restaurants, shops etc. on the list but have not tried the "said" dishes/drinks etc. listed.

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  1. I haven't tried it yet but I do love Market. I have had truffles in Italy during season where they shaved it directly onto my porcini/truffle bruschetta and it def has a very strong taste to it that stays in the mouth long after. In this particular resto (my fave in Italy) they had a bitter red cabbage salad to have in between bites to cleanse the palate. I quite enjoyed the taste but the salad might have been the reason as it may have been quite overpowering otherwise...

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      ck1234, BTW, I have always wondered if Vancouver restos have any events celebrating mushroom/truffle season as I would love to go....have you heard of any?

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        CinCin had it, I remember. I also seem to remember Cioppino's too, but not absolutely sure. But it does sound good to go to!

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          Mid October, all of Durbach's restaurants do a game and fungal festival (Pied-a-terre, La Buca, L'altro buca)

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            Also look for pine mushrooms (matsutake) in some of the premium Japanese places in town in the Fall.

      2. Lots of very cool dishes on the list. I am however shocked at a number of the bottled products, the main one being Tusker Beer. Tusker should be on the list of best things to drink in Nairobi, not Vancouver. Why aren't Storm, R&B, Central City.... any of our hard working brewers in this city featured? I see Swans Coconut Porter gets the nod, but that's not enough in my mind.

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          I had freshly shaved black truffles this past weekend at Feast of Fields on a boar sausage that were very good, earthy and meaty. It seems like a bit of a waste to cook them...

          Had the Deacon's CFS a couple of weeks ago and found it tasty but dry (steak overcooked?) so I wouldn't describe it as tender. I've never had it anywhere else so nothing to compare to. CK if you go, take the Chowpup to help you eat it. That is one bigass platter of food.

          Yes, we did have the kabocha and crab and it was one of the most popular dishes we ordered. I can't eat crab but tried the sauce and the pumpkin which were well tasty.

          The La Buca agnolotti is my favourite pasta dish in town (possibly out of town too -- it used to be the spaghetti Quattro when it was called spaghetti piga) and I lust for the crispy ceci at Campagnolo. Also agree with the Bee Kim Heng choice though I prefer by a thin margin their pork offerings, thumbs up for the fricasee at Medina (shorts ribs for breakfast? oh yeah!) and holla to the cauli Najib but only at the Seymour Nuba.

          I've tried 20 of the 101 items on the list, and there are quite a few more I'd like to sample. Although I agree with Peter that the preponderance of bottled products is not optimal, I'm excited to try the Victoria Gin :-).

          Thanks for posting the link, CK.

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            I'm at 29 out of 101. You beat me to it mentioning the pork over the beef jerky at BKH. Of note: the Lavash at Anatolia's Gate, the Serbian Sausage from JNZ (I have some in the fridge right now), the Makowiec from Polonia (just a few blocks away from me), I would have chosen Tung Hing over APC for banh mi...and the Mochi Pizza from Strawberry Cones is horrific (IMO).

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              Yes, CFS can certainly be dry! As I had my first one in California last week, I was dismayed to find it so dry I could barely cut it! This was at a renowned breaky spot too! I didn't order another CFS on my trip! Thanks for the heads up grayelf.

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                Would you mind naming the place to help us left coasters avoid your unpleasant experience? TIA

                1. re: PolarBear

                  PB, it was in Anaheim at a chain called Mimi's. Everyone raved to me about their breakfast, but honestly we ate there for 3 different meals out of convenience, being close to our hotel and I wasn't that impressed! (My son was though).

          2. Yep...we had the Crab Hotpot. to come soon.

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                Mmmm...looks delish, can't wait to read the report of the Chowdown.

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                  ck you are saving me again -- was on the verge of being dragged to M**estones tomorrow after I had publicly sworn off CFD chains when I quickly countered with Yaletown Brewing so as to be able to meet the needs of the middle of the road guest and still eat something Chowworthy (the buttermilk wings) -- mille grazie for the timely linkage!

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