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Sep 17, 2009 07:37 PM

Best Sandwhich in Asheville

Hi Hounds!

My boyfriend and I have been wanting sandwhiches lately. They can be fancy shmancy, deli type or any variation that can be put between two slices of bread. So tell me, what is your favorite sandwhich in Asheville.

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  1. I've always really liked the sandwiches at Loretta's located downtown on Patton. They make their bread daily. The options are solid, well made and very tasty. They are only open through lunch IIRC, so don't count on them for a late afternoon meal! Their soups are really nice too.

    1. 12 Bones: smoked turkey, sugar bacon, brie, pesto mayo. Served on texas toast, which is weird, but works OK. I ask for it dry. It's the best sandwich EVER.

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      1. Sorry, Sandwhich is in Chapel Hill, no location in Asheville.

        1. I tell you who else makes a nice sandwich: Tomato Jam on Biltmore Ave. in Doctors Park. I don't have one sandwich in particular, but I've never had anything bad there. Really a nice spot.

          1. the tortas (esp. carnitas) at papas & beer.