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Best Sandwhich in Asheville

Hi Hounds!

My boyfriend and I have been wanting sandwhiches lately. They can be fancy shmancy, deli type or any variation that can be put between two slices of bread. So tell me, what is your favorite sandwhich in Asheville.

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  1. I've always really liked the sandwiches at Loretta's located downtown on Patton. They make their bread daily. The options are solid, well made and very tasty. They are only open through lunch IIRC, so don't count on them for a late afternoon meal! Their soups are really nice too.

    1. 12 Bones: smoked turkey, sugar bacon, brie, pesto mayo. Served on texas toast, which is weird, but works OK. I ask for it dry. It's the best sandwich EVER.

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      1. Sorry, Sandwhich is in Chapel Hill, no location in Asheville.

        1. I tell you who else makes a nice sandwich: Tomato Jam on Biltmore Ave. in Doctors Park. I don't have one sandwich in particular, but I've never had anything bad there. Really a nice spot.

          1. the tortas (esp. carnitas) at papas & beer.

            1. Personally I think Franks NY Deli is the best sandwich in Asheville. Often overlooked on this board though.

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                I totally agree about Frank's. Their sandwiches are LOADED with ingredients, and the price is much lower than one would expect for the amount of food provided. I also like their sides, especially the cucumber-tomato salad, which has a kind of spicy/sour vinaigrette. Very nice people, also, which is a definite plus.

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                  I started a thread right after they opened and it went no where.

                2. Thanks for all the great suggestions Hounds :) I love both the Torta and P&B as well as 12 Bones amazing turkey/bacon/brie. I wish Lorrettas was open when I around, I have heard great things about it. Tomato Jam is also good, Charlie is always entertaining. Can anyone tell me where Franks Deli is? I would love to try it!

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                    Frank's is on the left on Sweeten Creek Road, just south of the Arden location of 12 Bones. It's immediately past the red light at Royal Pines Drive. It's very small, located in a building with a few other businesses (hair salon, tattoo parlor), so don't blink, or you may miss it.

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                      I keep forgetting that place is so close to me. You have reminded me that I need to try it - sooner than later! ....although being so close to 12 Bones, my car may ignore my request to turn off early for Frank's!

                  2. I'm not as enamored as most of the folks here are with the 12 Bones smoked turkey sandwich. Maybe I'm just not a TX toast fan. That's probably it.

                    That being said, I'd like to mention (in hopes they bring it back) the Fried Green Tomato BLT that 51 Grill used to have. Yummy. Way better than any other in town. The addition of the mango chutney just made it. Maybe if a bunch of people ask for it they'll bring it back.

                    *keeps fingers crossed*

                    Clingman Cafe has some great sandwiches, too, by the way.

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                      I agree with Leepa in regards to the 12 bones turkey sandwich. It's sooo greasy that when I'm donw I tend to think, why didn't I just order the Hogzilla (12 Bones regulars will know what that is). But it is tasty nonetheless.
                      Also, while Clingman Ave Coffee does have great sandwiches.................Frank's is still the best (IMHO).
                      Roots Cafe just down the street from Clingman in cranking out some tasty sandwiches as well. They are the same folks making the sublime Roots Chipotle Hummus that Earth Fare carries.

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                        I want to try Roots but haven't figured out exactly where it is. Is it behind the Riverview Station studios? Is then parking entrance off of Riverside Drive just south of the traffic light?

                        Haven't been to Frank's yet, but maybe I will someday. I'm rarely out in that direction at sandwich eating time. ; )

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                          This should help. It's not very well marked and the entrance is in the back of the building, but this should get you there. Oh, and yes, the entrance is just south of the traffic light on Riverside Dr.

                          I'm rarely on the Arden end of town either so it's a real treat when I get to go to Franks. They are open on Saturday's during lunch hours though, so that's when I typically go.

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                            My husband thinks the tortas at Taqueria Fast in N Asheville are even better than those at P&B. Love the hummus wrap at Stoney Knob. And although it could be argued that this should be considered a burger instead of a sandwich, I looooooove the hempnut burger at Laughing Seed. Ditto the black bean burger at Tupelo Honey. Oh, and the B.L.A.T. at Sunny Point - maple-pepper bacon, tomatoes, lettuce, garlic aoli and avocado.

                            28806 had the best deli sandwiches in town, IMO. Sad they are gone. I have not tried Franks yet....thanks for the recs. One more...not in Asheville...but I love the tuna sub at Negozio's in Hendersonville too.

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                          I clearly need to make it out to Frank's at some point. I'll add it to my South Asheville list with Little Bee Thai.

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                            Much as I love the 12 Bones turkey sandwich, I can't understand why it's greasy. What is the slightly orange stuff that drips out? Are they holding the turkey in something oily? Leepa, my husband tried ordering the sandwich on something other than Texas toast, but he got stared down ;-) We settle for asking to have it un-buttered.

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                              I'm not sure they have anything but TX toast. ; )

                              Is okay. I'll order something else. Plenty of other awesome things to choose from.

                        3. 1. The chicken (or carnitas) torta at Papa's & Beer on Brevard Road
                          2. The smoked turkey & brie sandwich at 12 Bones
                          3. "Plain Jane" burger with all the fixin's at Burgermeister's

                          pending: Frank's Deli
                          R.I.P.: buffalo burger at Spirits On the Water

                          1. Hoping to try Franks for lunch today! I will report back. Thanks for the amazing suggestions :)

                            1. I like the proscuitto/taleggio panini at Rezaz Enoteca. Served with lentil salad. mmm. That's one rich sandwich, though!

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                                Yum...tried Franks and am kicking myself for not knowing about it before! Thanks for the rec..it is definitely tops for sandwiches in Asheville. We each got specials...husband had a Cuban and I had a hot turkey with carmelized onion relish on some wonderful thick-sliced sourdough. Both outstanding, HUGE portions, a little pricey at around $8.50 each but they also come with really good bagged chips (can't remember the brand now but I am hooked on the Rosemary and Olive Oil, husband likes Sweet Maui Onion). Not sure if they bake their bread in house but it was wonderful. Note - there is no seating here, only a few tables outside.

                                I'd also like to throw in a vote for Marcos on Merrimon...I have never ordered a sandwich here before but we did this afternoon. The Brian's Hero is turkey, ranch, cheese, bacon, and tomato, and I suggest you try it on the "pizza" bread - a thin pizza crust that folds with the goodies inside. We also tried the Italian on the regular hero bread, and it was also good. They are served with roasted potatoes and onions that, while very tasty, would in my opinion be better served scrambled up with some eggs (which is what we're doing with them tonight!).

                              2. Went back to Burgermeister's over the weekend just to check for consistency and am disappointed to report that they've slipped some. The price is still good ($6.95 for Plain Jane burger with the works and yummy potato wedges), but the burger was bland and more bread than meat. An off night, perhaps?

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                                  That is why I only get the one with Guinness...It stays juicy and flavorful.