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Sep 17, 2009 06:35 PM

Savory chocolate pudding with parmesan?

I'm having a dinner party tomorrow and I want to do a combination of parmesan and cocoa as an amuse bouche, as I have some fantastic cheese and cocoa on hand. My initial idea was to do a savory chocolate pudding on a parmesan crisp, as a nice little bite, but I am having two problems.

1) I have done some reading, and apparently the flavor compounds that make chocolate and parmesan go well together change a bit when the parmesan is toasted. How else could I serve an amuse bouche with those two flavors?

2) How do I make a savory chocolate pudding? I'm not sure enough about the chemistry to make a normal pudding and just leave the sugar out. If people don't think that will be a problem, what is your favorite pudding recipe?
(There's a link that discusses chocolate and parmesan, if you are curious.)

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  1. A lot of work, but you can make parmesan ice-cream. It would look good sitting in a chocolate cup with a slice of kiwi / cucumber.

    I would also suggest you follow up some recipes on mole.

    Savoury chocolate pudding? I have no idea how to approach that. Now a chocolate meringue would work.

    1. For a savory chocolate pudding, look at a recipe for Mexican Champurrado - a drink tha features masa flour as a thickener. I make a "Champurrado Brownie" by continuing to add masa to the recipe until it's "brownie" thick. You could then top this with Parm or even add Parm into the mixture.

      Another idea is to make a ganache and add grated/shredded Parmesan directly to that. I make a Wasabi Ganache that has 2+ tablespoons of Wasabi wder, and you never taste it. It just kicked the chocolate flavor up a notch or two...