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Sep 17, 2009 06:28 PM

bulk candy for an event

anyone know where you can buy bulk candy in/around boston? i've looked at michael's and ac moore and online (but hate shipping charges), but need larger quantities.


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    1. I was going to suggest BJs or Costco. What about the Oriental Trading Company? I know you said you hate shipping charges but some reasonable coupons are here that may offset that:


      1. Possibly the Necco Factory store in Revere.,

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          In their store, they don't tend to stock much in the way of bulk quantities, but everything's pretty cheap, so it's not that hard to buy a lot. They do some things, like a case of Skybars. Around Halloween and Valentine's day they seem to have a greater variety of individually packaged items, so this is a good time to check them out. You might be able to discuss a special order but their counter help doesn't seem to be the friendliest.

        2. Amazon - I just bought 25 lbs of Haribo gummy candy for $80. Also, even though I qualified for free shipping, I opted to pay for faster shipping. It was only 99 cents.

          1. Aaaaaah, I have the answer.

            They are in the same office park as us and do wholesale and retail.

            Give em a call:

            Kendall Confectionery Co Inc
            27 Spinelli Pl
            Cambridge, MA 02138
            (617) 661-6760