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bulk candy for an event

anyone know where you can buy bulk candy in/around boston? i've looked at michael's and ac moore and online (but hate shipping charges), but need larger quantities.


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    1. I was going to suggest BJs or Costco. What about the Oriental Trading Company? I know you said you hate shipping charges but some reasonable coupons are here that may offset that:



      1. Possibly the Necco Factory store in Revere.,

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          In their store, they don't tend to stock much in the way of bulk quantities, but everything's pretty cheap, so it's not that hard to buy a lot. They do some things, like a case of Skybars. Around Halloween and Valentine's day they seem to have a greater variety of individually packaged items, so this is a good time to check them out. You might be able to discuss a special order but their counter help doesn't seem to be the friendliest.

        2. Amazon - I just bought 25 lbs of Haribo gummy candy for $80. Also, even though I qualified for free shipping, I opted to pay for faster shipping. It was only 99 cents.

          1. Aaaaaah, I have the answer.

            They are in the same office park as us and do wholesale and retail.

            Give em a call:

            Kendall Confectionery Co Inc
            27 Spinelli Pl
            Cambridge, MA 02138
            (617) 661-6760

            1. thanks for the feedback. im looking for single color (not type) specific candy--thus costco/bjs wont work. i did speak to the kendall candy co, and they're not open to the public--but i was able to find a friend to get me in. will report back.. any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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                Sweet factory I think is still in the Natick Mall...however...
                their website even divides the selection by color. Visions of a beautiful candy buffet!

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                  There's the Jelly Belly store in Jordan's Furniture in Reading. Although they don't offer bulk pricing, I wonder if they would cut a deal with you if you talk to the right person and are buying a high enough quantity.

                  Is there a specific color you want?

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                    Funny because Kendall does have a small retail store, though the really only sell odds and ends there.

                  2. Yummies in Kittery ME has the best selection around. They are not exactly local, but they have bulk, variety and will ship. You could call them and describe exactly what you are looking for.

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                      The Necco outlet is closed. You can order from them online, however.

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                        The Necco outlet is open, but it's in Revere now.

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                        Yummies is a great place with almost every candy ever made for sale - www.yummies.com. I'm pretty sure they could get you a large quantity, and should definitely have what you're looking for. You can view there selection online.

                        I have worked for candy manufacturers, and for large quantities you probably want to go through a distributor like Garber Bros. in Stoughton - www.garberbros.com, or J Polep in Chicopee - www.jpolep.com. Although for the widest selection, Yummies is your best bet.

                        If you can be more specific about what you're looking for, I might be able to help you with more specifics. Let me know.