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Sep 17, 2009 06:05 PM

Good Tacos Vancouver (downtown)

Here's the summary:
Last week I had a chance to compare tacos from two mexican restaurants. Don Guacamoles and La Taqueria (just newly open at 322 W. Hastings St). They both are good. But I personally prefer La Taqueria a more because of the overall taste and down-to-earth atmosphere. The owners are also friendly and nice. The price are about the same. $2.50 per meat taco or $9.50 for 4. $2 per veggie taco only at La Taqueria. Check it out. You can also read a full review on my blog.
Enjoy :)

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  1. Read your review on your blog-sounds very tasty. I am not usually a fan of corn tortillas and have always wondered if I was just missing something-maybe I haven't eaten the right one yet(or it's just my taste buds)? Anyhow, I have not been to either but have been meaning to get to Don Guac's so instead will head to La Taq when I have the chance to try one of them...too many restos so little time:)

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      You should try La Taqueria when you have a chance. But as you'd probably know, they use corn tortillas. I happen to like both corn and flour tortillas:)

    2. thank you for this! i am in vancouver every year or two, and am always on the lookout for good mexican. about 4 or so years ago, there was a couple of awesome taquerias near robson and hastings, but both have since closed down. last may, i was staying in coal harbour, and tried don guac's based on recommendations from chowhound. i had a burrito, can't recall the exact name. it was good, but not terribly authentic - there were cubes of tofu inside :) anyhow, i would love to try some goods from La Taqueria. hopefully they are around for awhile!

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      1. I'm from US as well and have basically lived pretty much Mexican food-free since moving to Vancouver 3 1/2 years ago -- other than delicious nachos and tortilla soup @ Bandidas on Commercial. But Bandidas is veggie only. I read the review of La Taqueria last night and hit it today.

        I am a believer.

        The carnitas taco was top choice (I went back for a second) -- tremendous flavour, moist. The pickled onions as a topping on are terrific. Fish taco was a close second -- big chunks of grilled fish (which I strongly prefer to battered). I also had the carne asada and marinated pork tenderloin tacos -- both were tasty, but a bit dry. Nothing a splash of salsa couldn't fix. Yes, I had 5 tacos in one sitting. No, I'm not embarrassed.

        The only tragedy is the lack of beer. But I will overcome and be back soon for sure.

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        1. re: JEheartbreak

          I think that is the most detailed writeup I've seen on La Taqueria so thanks JE. What there any porky crunch in the carnitas? I miss that here (lots of flavour at Dona Cata but too stewy for me). The fish tacos sound promising -- could you expand on the rest of the ingredients for that one at all?

          Five tacos is a sub-standard ingestion rate in DF but I'm sure you will do better next time ;-). I wonder if they are trying for a licence?

          1. re: grayelf

            I would say a little pork crunch -- more on the first than the second. I certainly wouldn't call it stewy though.

            Fish tacos were very simple, but I'm completely blanking on the toppings! Sorry.

            They could over-charge for beer and I still would have had one.

        2. Gotta love Canada Line, in 45 minutes I went downtown, had 4 yummy tacos and am now back at my desk! I had an asada, a pork cheeks, chicken mole, and pescada. I enjoyed the fish the best - it had a vibrant kick to it! The others were fine with that kind of bland taste I associate Mexican food with. I definitely got my Mexican fix out of the way since we didn't end up with any Mexican while in LA! I tried all 3 salsas, only one was labelled but they were all good. Service was great!

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          1. re: ck1234

            mexican bland? methinks you've never had mexican outside of vancouver!!! :)

            1. re: nonlinear

              I've been to Mexico 4 times - and 4 different places, and it is possible I haven't had food that isn't bland tasting to me yet...I don't mean it in a bad way, just that I'm used to moles etc. tasting bland, and I'm aware in how much work it takes to make them. The salsas definitely picked the flavours up a bit!

              1. re: ck1234

                i found that the salt shaker helps, if the taco meats aren't punchy enough ;)

                1. re: flowbee

                  Probably not the place for a discussion of Mexican food but I know what you mean, ck. It's why I'm always surprised when people don't like Mexican food (which is kind of like saying Chinese food in that there are so many regional differences but I digress) because it is too spicy. It's the salsa, virtually always served al lado (on the side) that adds the kick to most Mexican platos. I think it's partly why places like Dona Cata, Don Guacamole and now La Taqueria are getting so much buzz -- they are more like the taquerias in different parts of Mexico where you can choose your own heat level layered on a tasty but not picante taco. Very keen to try the tacos de pescado at La Taqueria!

          2. hey - has anyone tried the tacos at La Hacienda on Howe? it's a new place and i've now been there for dinner (which was tasty - very promising) but haven't tried their tacos or burrito's (which are served at lunch only). anyone gone yet?