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Sep 17, 2009 05:34 PM

pork tenderloin -- 2 questions

Almost 2 years ago we bought 1/2 pastured pig from a local farm, it came butchered and frozen. Recently I discovered that I still have the tenderloin in the freezer.

1. Can I still use it?

2. If I can, what should I do with it? It's a small tenderloin, about 8 inches long. Only 2 of us will be eating it. Normally I stir-fry store-bought pork tenderloins but somehow this seems like a waste.

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  1. Two friggin' years? Donate it to a museum. The Smithfield tenderloin in my clutches at this moment is 2.13 lbs, price was $7.43.

    1. Can you? Not sure. Would I? Nope. Might be "safe", but the taste is sure to be affected.

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        FWIW, it still looks beautiful. It was vacuum packed and there's no evident freezer burn, ice buildup etc.

      2. I wouldn't treat it as I normally do pork tenderloin but Id cook it. Perhaps some kind of braise, slow cook. It's flavor has almost certainly been compromised but there shouldn't be any other issues. I hate disputing Veggo, one of my CH heroes, but I doubt that the NPM (National Pig Museum) would have any interest in your donation.

        1. I would try, but be prepared with a plan B of take-out menus. Marinate for at least a day in a garlic/soy sauce mixture, teriyaki sauce, or the like. Something strongly flavored (I like Mr. Yoshida's Cooking Sauce), then dry it off, sear on all sides, and finish for 12-15 min at 375. If it tastes like the freezer, invite the nearest real, 4-legged hound to dinner.

          1. I'd take about a quarter of an inch off from it all the way around and smell it. If it doesn't smell like moldy drywall it's probably OK. Little bit of smell?, soak it in lemon juice overnight and roast with alot of garlic (restaurant trick) Of course I never did this.