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Sep 17, 2009 03:44 PM

pot stickers in sf

many many years ago used to go to U-lees for pot stickers. Where in the city are really good pot stickers, doesn't matter the neighborhood. Thanks

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  1. havne't been there, but Firefly's potstickers get rave reviews

    1. try a search on these boards "dumplings" lots of threads have already been begun

      1. I like the ones at Eric's on Church at 27th.

        1. My favorite potstickers are at Bodega Bistro.

          1. Every few months I begin to crave an order of potstickers from Eliza's. They're nicely browned on the bottom, which gives them a wonderful taste and a bit of crunch. There's just a touch of ginger in the filling to impart a refreshing quality. There are two Eliza's locations in the city.


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              I heard the 18th St on Pot Hill location is closing.