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Sep 17, 2009 02:20 PM

What can I eat during a week in Boise without a Car? Any half-price nights?

I'm going to be staying for a week at the Grove Hotel on South Capitol.

From previous Boise postings it seems I have a some choices- Bardenay, Bar Gernika and Addies I understand is very close.

Do the good eaters of Boise have any other current recommendations for downtown? Any recommendations worth a taxi ride?

I'm also interested in any kind of promotion or bargain involving good food- half-price burgers on Monday. I'm not a bar person but some of my fellow visitors will be. Any great happy hour deals?


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  1. Add Berryhill to your list - I think you could walk
    Outside of walking distance
    One more
    What type of food other than burgers do you like? Price range?

    1. The Falcon Grill would be good for burgers. They have a happy hour with half price beer I believe. Closed Sunday. Here is the link: