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Sep 17, 2009 02:09 PM

Brazilian Steakhouses in Myrtle Beach

I have tried Rioz several times and enjoyed it, wanted to know how the two newer ones Gauchao and Fogo do Brazil compare. Can't find any reviews on either one, just articles from the local paper saying they were open and brief descriptions.

Thanks for any input, I've got a protein craving and need a fix.

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  1. Haven't been to Gaucho's yet but have eaten at Fogo de Brazil. The manager worked at Rioz before helping to open Fogo. The salad bar does not compare to Rioz but the meat is a dead ringer. There's some kind of Brazilian butcher shop around Broadway that sells the meat prepped and marinated and sells to all three places, The best part about Fogo is the personalized attention and the price - $20 for almost everything that Rioz offers. The salad bar at Fogo has beans, rice, mashed potatoes, some salads, a little cheese, small shrimp, and some salas. The meat is great and the owner and manager will make and bring whatever you want whenever you want. My vote is that it's totaly worth it. Gaucho's worrys me a little because it's open for lunch and never has a crowd. Do they cook all of the meat and then let it sit there? You couldn't possibly prep these places for lunch and then keep things fresh for dinner and still make money.

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      I recently went to Fogo de Brazil and had a great experience. The variety of the dinner and meats was very good. The variety and quality is the same or better than Rioz in my opinion. The owner greets the guests and even serves you at times to make sure your experience is great. The variety and great atmosphere are the strong points of this restaurant.