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Herrell's in Harvard Square Is Closing

A combination of competition and cost increases has done them in. They will probably be gone sometime in November.

Looks like the owner will open a restaurant and bar in an expanded spot where Herrell's is now....

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    1. re: Allstonian

      Doh! I must have a blind spot in my vision! Didn't see any posts when I checked earlier.

    2. NO! This is so sad...

      1. So who has the next best malted vanilla, pumpkin, and cocoa pudding flavors - ideally on a permanent basis?

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        1. re: rlh

          Second that request - the cocoa pudding flavor is one of my favorites, and I will be seriously perturbed if I can't get a close approximation somewhere.

          1. re: nsenada

            I haven't gone to Herrell's in a long while but my favorite ice cream ever was their chocolate malt. It stopped being a regular flavor though.

        2. The replacement (indirectly, to be sure) of Tosci's and Herrell's with JP Lick's and Lizzy's has substantially worsened the quality of ice cream in the Square. I'll have to have a final brownie sundae before Herrell's packs up scoops.

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          1. re: dsmoxie

            Kind of the inevitable evolution, like no more Wursthaus and Tasty, but a big bank and empty former jewelry store instead, huh? It must just be a response to what the new market there wants - I actually think Ben and Jerry's is now the top pick in the square for ice cream - sad. How much longer can the Hong Kong last?

          2. That's really strange. I swear they have been remodeling for about a month.

            1. In my book not a huge loss. It was almost $4 for a minuscule small cone.

              1. There is a nice piece about Herrell's on Toscanini's blog. It all started in Somerville.


                1. Is today the last day, or does anyone know when the closing date is? I'd love to get one more taste of vanilla malt & chocolate malt ice cream before it's gone!

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                  1. re: y2000k

                    I believe the sign in their window said that November 1st was their last day, but you may want to call and double check.

                    1. re: hckybg

                      i went to Herrel's and was told that the successor restaurant would continue to make ice cream using the same technique and machine though not using the recipes that they got from herrel's.

                      And, I thought that it was expensive but the best in Boston.

                      And how often should you allow yourself ice cream in any case?

                      1. re: cambridgedoctpr

                        it's not my bag baby, but apparently it's everyone else's...

                        "New Englanders [...] consume more ice cream per capita than people in any other region in the country: 22 pints a year, according to Bob Bryson, executive director of the New England Ice Cream Restaurant Association in Merrimack, N.H."--Jane Roy Brown and Bill Regan, Boston Globe August 28, 2005

                        "Residents of Portland, Ore., eat more ice cream than those of any other US city."--Elizabeth Lund, The Christian Science Monitor, June 29, 2005

                        1. re: yumyum

                          Yeah, that's an apocryphal claim. A lot of places say they have the highest percentage of ice cream eaters in the country, and the most credible studies I've seen show that Boston is not at the top.

                        2. re: cambridgedoctpr

                          We didn't manage to go there today. I suppose the place is going to close down for a while for remodeling before it reopens as a restaurant?

                    2. Anyone know if the new place that was supposed to open in Herrell's location is open? And does it really sell ice cream?

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                      1. re: winedude

                        Nope, it's not open yet...there's still brown paper on the windows, and not much going on within (or so it seems from the street).