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Sep 17, 2009 12:48 PM

Ideas? Need a Venue for Birthday dinner for late 20's-30's something crowd that still likes to party

I need ideas for a place to hold a large birthday party for a group that is in their late 20's-mid 30's. Quite of few of us enjoy food (hence why I am on chowhound). We need a venue/restaurant that can seat 20-30 of us for dinner and then perhaps will turn into a lounge, small dance floor would be nice.

Places that have come to mind:

Ultra Supper Club

I have not been to the above restaurants for awhile so any feedback would be great. Additional suggestions would be much appreciated.

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  1. C5 turns into a lounge?

    1. C5 doesn't turn into a lounge but there's a large lounge area beside the restaurant.

      Other recommendations include: Drake Hotel has restaurant and lounge areas, and I think both Blowfish (King/Spadina) and Supermarket (Kensington Market) turns into a club atmosphere later into the night with live or DJ music and dancing.

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        Will look into Blowfish and Supermarket. I prefer to stay away from Queen West. Thanks for your suggestions syoung!