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Sep 17, 2009 11:47 AM

Fiance's birthday this weekend. What's your favorite tasting menu recommendations?

I'm on the waitlist for O-Ya (would probably do the omakase), and have a reservation for Craigie on Main, but wanted to see if there were any other places that I'm missing in my search for a nice tasting menu for my fiance and me.


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  1. Oleana -- the vegi tasting menu is amazing. Even for non veg types...

    1. You got my two top restaurants in the city right there. I would stick with one or the other.

      While I place O Ya above all else, Craigie on Main might make for a more special evening, and you already have the guaranteed reservation, so I'd go there. Get the 6 or 10 course tasting menu, enjoy one or two of Tom's stellar cocktails, tell the waitstaff it is a birthday celebration, and enjoy.

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        I whole heartedly agree here on the choice of Craigie On Main. (I actually went to O Ya myself tonight and had the omakase. Great food, but holy cow is it expensive)

        I went to CoM the night I got engaged back in April, both myself and my fiance got the 6 course tasting menu. We both have very open pallets, and no food allergies, so we were at the chef's whim. We went from foie gras to sweet breads, tempura asparagus and lamb. All of which were outstanding. The food was great, and not as pretentious as I expected given the restaurant's reputation. We did not order any alcohol since my boss ended up sending a bottle of champagne courtesy of my office. The meal came out to $175 for both of us, and I cannot wait to go back for other celebratory meals.

        1. re: jforman

          I wholeheartedly agree. I really never understood the "precious and pretentious" comments made by the CoM haters. They should all stay away to give the rest of us more opportunities for a reservation! I always get the 6 course tasting at Craigie. I think it's a better deal than their ala carte offerings, and it allows me to try stuff I might never have ordered otherwise. Last time we went we got a pig foot course, something I would have turned my nose up in my younger days, but which ended up being my favorite course of the meal.

      2. If you can't get into O Ya, you may want to consider Clio. The tasting is wonderful and incorporates some sashimi dishes from Uni.

        1. We did a tasting menu at Craigie recently, which was awesome and a delightful evening in every possible way, and have also done Clio which is of course more elegant/luxe. But if you've got a reservation at Craigie, stick with it.

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          1. re: fesenjan

            Thanks for the replies, everyone. I'm pretty excited for it!

            1. re: ysb

              Hi all,
              so I kept the reservation at Craigie on Main, and it was definitely one of the most memorable meals I've had in a long long time. I didn't want to start a new thread but want to mention what we had. Some of the menu items were similar to what's posted on the website, or a variation. Where memory doesn't serve I've copied and pasted.

              1. trio of chilled seafood- geoduck clam sashimi with some kind of mustard-y dressing, lobster salad with lime dressing, salt cod croquette with squid ink sauce
              2. kanpachi sashimi with red onion shiso dressing, avocado, harissa oil
              3. pan fried halibut with littleneck clams and some kind of onion sauce with chanterelles
              4. pan seared red snapper with foam and mussels
              5. pork belly tortellini with squash blossoms and corn puree
              6. Grilled pork belly with crispy garlic and huitlacoche jus
              7. trio of colorado lamb- roast leg, lam confit, and lamb belly
              8. panna cotta- one with jasmine and the other with rooibus tea
              9. corn pain perdu with fennel oil and anise-hyssop ice cream, macerated berries with peach tea soda and yogurt sorbet
              10. rhubarb mouse with yogurt foam.

              the kanpachi with the avocado and harissa oil was amazing, this place does amazing seafood. also Top Chef Masters viewers will appreciate this: at one point one contestant made panna cotta and the judge mentioned that panna cotta should have the texture of "a woman's breast" so we jiggled them around and sure enough, it was legit! I will never look at panna cotta the same way again.

              Thanks again everyone for having me keep the craigie reservation.

              by the way, if you don't drink alcohol, they are more than happy to make something creative for you(and I would highly recommend it) that would go with your meal.
              I had an apple cider with cardamom seeds, and then asked for something less sweet, which was a grapefruit with house made corn syrup and mint.

              my fiance had a cocktail and a few glasses of wine with the meal. Total with tip was $360.

              would repeat any time. spoke with the expediter afterwards and he recommended the bar menu. can't wait to try that!

              1. re: ysb

                So glad you enjoyed yourself at my favorite restaurant in Boston! They do make a fine "woman's breast" panna cotta. In the winter they also give you a small shot of their hot chocolate with some sort of hot pepper included, yum! Tom, their intrepid head bartender (he hates the term"mixologist") makes wonderful cocktails as well as "mocktails". I've only heard about the mocktails, as I'm unfortunately all about the booze, but everyone who has written about them has raved. The bar menu is awesome. The crispy fried pig tails are a revelation, and their burger (though expensive at $18) is my favorite in town. Glad you and your fiance enjoyde yourselves, and congratulations!