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Sep 17, 2009 11:23 AM

affordable and tasty in Paris

Looking for places that are affordable yet very tasty to try (under 25eur for lunch and under 50 for dinner), any type of cuisine at all. Thanks in advance for all your help.

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  1. Interesting you should ask. I just (9/1) put the following up on John Talbott's Paris:
    For instance, the 29 € menu at Le Clocher Periere, 42, bvd Pereire in the 17th,, which served up one of the most inventive meals of my last several: rare raw and cooked urchins, incredible veggie risotto, lievre with its liver, divine scallops, Ossau-Iraty cheese and an over the top moelleux of chocolate, plus coffee = 77 € for two.

    Or, how about soup a volonté for 12 € and a 3-course menu (day or night) for 20 €, with a glass of wine for 6 €? (Pssst: the chef trained with Roland Durans at Passiflore and this place is "unknown" and about to go to the bigtime - trust me, the big boys will descend soon and then we're talking Benoit prices.) But for now, send your backpacking nephews and nieces immediately to L’Entêtée, 4, rue Danville in the 14th,, closed Sundays and Mondays.

    How about this? Les Bouchons ex-Francois Clerc, now Le Restaurant de Philippe et Jean Pierre, 7, rue du Boccador in the 8th,, closed Saturday lunch and Sundays, serves an outstanding, while forced-choice 3 course menu for 28 Euros, which with 1 glass of wine, bottled water and coffee = 33 Euros. My Anglo-American friend and I were most impressed by the oysters, cod with puree and millefeuille and ice cream.

    OK here's a new one for the back-packing relatives who show up next week - Opus Vins, 72, rue Vasco de Gama in the 15th,, closed Saturday lunch, Sundays and Monday nights which has a 20 € 3-course meal at lunch and with cheese at night it runs 30€; wines start at 3.80 a glass. It's quite good and has a wonderful wine list.

    Try Christian Etchebest's offshoot La Cantine du Troquet, 101, rue de l'Ouest in the 14th (no telephone, sorry, just show up early) for a superb meal (with the maestro in attendance eating, mind you, not cooking) three courses a la carte were 27 E which I think in terms of price-quality, is about as good as it gets. With a half-liter of wine and coffee the bill went to 37 E, which I still think is great.

    Others include:

    Memere Paulette, 3, rue Paul Lelong in the 2nd,, 2 courses for 15 and 3 for 17 € (that’s correct, it’s not a misprint), closed Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Huge menu, huge wine list, huge portions. With a bottle of fine red and two coffees plus two aperitifs, our bill was 73 € for two.

    Au Gout Dujour, 12, rue Beaugrenelle in the 15th,, closed Sundays. With the 20 € menu and 7 € wine pitcher one exits at 27 €.

    Firmin, le Barbier, 20, rue de Monttessuy in the 7th,, closed Monday and Tuesdays, lunch formulas at 18 and 23, a la carte 40-50 €, where three of us ate at Figaroscope's #1 Sunday lunch place for 34 E each with 2 bottles of wine and coffee.

    Well, I think that’s enough without going even farther back in the archives to: Ripaille, Bistral, Papilles, Astier, Cerisaie, Cafe Constant, Cave est Restaurant, Les Symples de l'Os a Moelle, l’Ebauchoir, La Boulangerie, Le Pre Verre + Georgette.

    John Talbott

    1. To be fair, I haven't found a satisfying response to that question. When this is my budget, I go for Chinese. Fish and Au Dernier Métro would be my exceptions. Also, I can do some nice things at home with that budget.

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        Our dinner there wasn't extraordinary or life-altering but it was certainly tasty and the bill including wine was less than 50 euros per person for dinner.

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          Good call. Frenchie is very good. In-fact it was so good we went back the next day.
          I do think it could be life altering for some as it could be a real eye opener to good simple ingredient/flavour driven cooking.

      2. Cheri Bibi in the 18eme. The food is lovely and extremely affordable.